Prague, Czech Republic

We spent the first weekend in July in Prague, Czech Republic. It was the first time either of us had been to an Eastern European country. I’m glad we went to Prague, but it’s not necessarily a place we would go back to. It was fun, but not awesome. The food was fine, but not awesome. I did appreciate how much cheaper it was than other European cities.

I was very surprised at the amount of American tourists. We saw more Americans in Prague than we have seen in any other city. I was also surprised that just about everyone spoke English very well.

While waiting to board the plane, our flight was cancelled. They put us on a charter bus, drove us 1.5 hours to the Zurich airport where we caught a flight to Prague. We arrived in Prague about six hours later than we expected. Our friend Eryn (a fellow American) also happened to be on the flight, so it was fun to hang with her all morning.

Day one: Arrived at night, wandered through the Old Town and across the Charles Bridge

Day two: Spent the morning at the Prague Castle complex (including the St. Vitus Cathedral, Golden Lane, Royal Gardens and the Strahov Library), spent the afternoon in the Little Quarter seeing the Lennon Wall, Church of St. Nicholas, Nerudova Street, Wallenstein Palace Gardens, and the Monument of Communist Victims, ate beef goulash and trdelnik for dinner

Day three: Ate trdelnik for breakfast, watched the Astronomical Clock chime, took a guided tour of Prague (including Old Town, Jewish Quarter, and New Quarter), went to the Heydrich museum (aka Cyril and Methodius Cathedral), went back to the Jewish Quarter to see the Jewish Cemetery, the Pinkas Synagogue, the Maisel Synagogue, and the Spanish Synagogue, visited Wenceslas Square, drank amazing hot chocolate with mashed potatoes, wiener schnitzel, bacon and eggs for dinner

Day four: Ate trdelnik for breakfast, flew home

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