The Bachelorette — Week 9

Another good episode! I think I’m going to write abc a letter and tell them to pattern all their seasons after this one.

I think Emily made some very good decisions early on in this season, but at this point I think her bad decisions have backed her into a corner. It seems her goal should have been to have two stable, dependable, charming guys in the end to choose from. Perhaps a Jason Mesnick type and a Chris Lambton type. This week she said goodbye to Sean, the last stable, dependable, charming guy she had.

Sean: I thought Emily asking all the questions was very off-putting. I didn’t like how Sean was in the hot seat and Emily was acting as if she had all the control and power. Let’s consider Emily’s relationship history for a minute. Didn’t she break off an engagement with a guy she met on tv about a year ago? Why was she acting so superior (as far as relationships go) to Sean? As if he isn’t capable of a loving relationship (only a “buddy” relationship) but she is? Everyone has relationship baggage, who cares? I think he should have fired the questions right back at her to prove to her that their relationship is a two-way street and he has every right to be as particular and careful as she does. She was testing him (he obviously failed), and that is never fair to do in a relationship at any stage.

I also didn’t like how she was fishing around all day for an “I love you” as if those three words would help her make up her mind. If she didn’t know that Sean loved her before he said it, they had bigger problems.

And what is with their gross kisses? I swear their kisses just started getting gross last week. Her body language towards Sean compared to Arie and Jef was definitely lacking this week. She seemed to be almost pulling away from him at times, and went into every kiss with a pucker.

All that being said, I liked Sean best for Emily. She’s gaga about Arie, and giggles like crazy with Jef, but Sean is so stable and they are both so boring and normal. She needs to stick with boring and normal. I think part of the problem with Sean was that he made himself too available to Emily. She wanted more mystery and edge. Unfortunately, the last thing you want in a husband is mystery or edge. You want dependable. I think Sean might make a decent Bachelor, but I still want to see Roberto be the Bachelor next season.

Arie: Steamy!! Oh man, these two sure are on fire when they are together! BUT being with someone because they light your fire is not a very good reason. I did appreciate their dinner conversation. This is the only season I can remember where such basic questions have been asked and answered. Where will we live? Will we live together? What time do you wake up in the morning? What do you eat for breakfast? When do you want to have kids? I’ve always been annoyed that we never get to see the prospective couple discuss these things, and I’m SO glad we get to see it this season. I think Emily might be more into Arie than Arie is into her and she subconsciously likes it. Classic girl mistake.


I am bummed that Sean went home, but not exactly surprised. It seems that Bachelors/Bachelorettes always “follow their heart” rather than their heads, which is a mistake. Based on the percentage of Bachelor weddings that come out of the show, they are all doing something wrong, and I think “following their hearts” is the problem. It takes much more than love and connection to make a successful lasting relationship, and none of them seem to understand that or make any decisions based on that fact. Remember when DeAnna came back when Jason was the Bachelor and told him NOT to follow his heart because that is what she did and she realized it was a mistake? She begged him to follow his head first, heart second. I wish all future Bachelors/Bachelorettes would remember DeAnna’s season and try to avoid her mistakes. At this point Emily has put herself in the same situation that DeAnna did at the end, and that was clearly a mistake.

At this point I’m very doubtful we’ll see a wedding, or even a very long-term relationship come from this season. Sigh. You had TWO shots, Emily. TWO.

Peter and I are hoping that in the final episode Brad will come back and they’ll live happily ever after. Or how awesome would it be if Chris Harrison proposed at the final rose ceremony?! Now that would be the most dramatic rose ceremony ever!

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3 Responses to The Bachelorette — Week 9

  1. Linz says:

    I’ve gotta say, I was happy to see Sean go. I think you have valid points across the board, but something about him just put me off. But, you are right, mysterious is not husband material. I like to have a little bit of hope in Arie that he will mature and be able to settle down, because they are certainly darling together.

    I miss Brad.

  2. Lindsey says:

    Hi, I am one of those people that googled Jef Holms mission, because I wanted to know if he served one. But I am curious as to why you won’t include him in your reviews, especially since his is such a big part of the show now. Why not? He’s a nice enough guy, why not pull for him?

  3. Lindsey says:

    I used to blog about episodes too on my blog (now private) love it!

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