The Bachelorette — Week 8

The most shocking part of this episode was the discovery that Emily puts her shoes on her furniture. When she was home with Ricky in the very beginning she not only had her shoes on in her house, but she put them on her couch!

Here were my thoughts about the hometowns (minus Jef).

Chris: I just can not see this working. She is nice. He is nice. His family is nice. But I just can’t see them together. Chris seems too young to be able to give Emily and Ricky what Emily wants. Emily’s statement of only wanting a man who can give her love and support can not be true. Was Chris’ dad trying to say that Chris couldn’t give her much in regards to material things? That was funny.

Arie: Hmmm. Although in the end everything seemed fine and the parents gave their approval, I don’t think Emily was excited about the prospect of Arie’s family being her future in-laws. How ridic was it when Emily told Arie’s mom that at the top of her list for her future husband was someone who could make her laugh? Seriously, Emily? Laughing is honestly your first priority? That’s just not true. Get real.

Sean: Emily was practically drooling at the possibility of Sean’s parents being the grandparents of her children. Despite the fact that there were two kisses shared between Sean and Emily that were possibly the worst kisses in Bach history, Sean is my new my favorite for Emily. I sort of wish Arie was from Sean’s family, in which case I’d like Arie best.

I was glad to see Chris go (not a fan of his exit interview), next week I predict Jef will go.

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4 Responses to The Bachelorette — Week 8

  1. Amy says:

    I totally agree about Chris. It went so well at the hometown, I was a little concerned Chris wouldn’t go home, but I was glad he did. I think what his sister said had a lot to do with it. Emily couldn’t bear the thought of anyone breaking her little brother’s heart and that sealed the deal.

    Ewwww on the Sean kisses! I was actually sitting on the couch saying, “Barry, look! It’s the most awkward kiss EVER! Gross!” I was a little confused by the messy room thing, I didn’t realize it was a joke and Emily obviously didn’t either.

    I thought Arie’s family was a little creepy. I didn’t like them and thought it was super rude when they all started speaking in Dutch. I don’t think she liked them very much and I see it being a potential deal breaker.

  2. Linz says:

    I don’t know what it is about Sean but I just really hate that guy! Haha! He just gives me the creeps. I think it is the perma-smile and the nonexistent eyebrows. I just don’t see the depth of that particular relationship. I feel like it is too superficial.

    Arie still has my vote. Even his mom with her wrinkle cleavage and botox lips. I think that she could get along well with Emily. Plus, he has twin brothers and I’m having twins….it’s like it’s meant to be 🙂 Ha!

    Chris. Blah. What a stinkin’ whiner. Glad he’s out.

    Can’t she just ditch all the guys and fall in love with Chris Harrison?!

  3. anna says:

    This has nothing to do with The Bachelorette… but just thought I’d mention how impressed I am with all this traveling you’re able to do while pregnant. Go you.

  4. watchitrae says:

    Team Arie all the way! I wish Emily had talked about Ricky (the man) with his mom though, that would have been sweet.

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