Alsace, France

We spent this weekend touring Alsace, France with our friends David, Jocelyn, and Prashant. Alsace is a region of France that has changed hands between France and Germany several times throughout the past 200+ years. Each city in Alsace has a unique feeling of German and French influence. Alsace is a really fun weekend trip as long as you like cute half-timber buildings, storks, and bakeries.

Day one was super hot and humid, and day two was very rainy and a bit chilly.

Day 1: Rented a car, drove to Vieil Armand and did a short hike in the Vosges Mountains to wander through WWI trenches (yes, I hiked, despite my dislike of hiking and despite the heat), drove to Turckheim for a pizza lunch, drove to Orschwiller and toured the
Chateau du Haut-Koenigsbourg, drove to Kaysersberg, climbed up a hill and about a million steps to an old ruined castle with an overlook of the town and valley, drove up Bloody Hill to see the American monument for WWII, drove to Eguisheim, ate an amazing dinner of au gratin potatoes and the best crème brûlée I’ve ever had, slept a practically sleepless night due to heat and a flickering street lamp outside our window.

Day 2: Woke up to rain in Eguisheim, discovered that the bakery we have been waiting months to visit was closed for the week, ate croissants and hot chocolate for breakfast, drove to Colmar, wandered through Petite Venice, went to St. Martin’s Church,went to the Dominican Church, shopped and ate a Munster cheese omelet while everyone else went to the Unterlinden Museum (I’m over museums, remember?), ate vegetable soup and hot chocolate for lunch, drove back to Eguisheim for more hot chocolate and scenery, drove home to Basel.

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2 Responses to Alsace, France

  1. Paige says:

    This is still on my French to-do list — I would love to visit Alsace! It looks like y’all had an incredible time!

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