Six Thoughts

  1. The History of Rap part 2 was awesome. It brought back like 15 yeas of memories in five short minutes.
  2. Speaking of Justin, I still wish he and Britney had ended up together.
  3. Sorry for all the European vacation posts lately. I know travelogue posts are boring, but I’m going to be doing that all summer.
  4. I don’t understand when people have a designated “cleaning day”. When things are dirty before “cleaning day”, do they just leave it until their special day?
  5. I recently discovered that Maple Mountain, the mountain in my hometown, is not actually called Maple Mountain. According to wikipedia it’s called Spanish Fork Peak. That is one of the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard.
  6. I love all things Nerd, since I married a Nerd. This blog post about Nerds and Geeks made me laugh.
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One Response to Six Thoughts

  1. cyndie says:

    Cleaning days: you can’t do everything every day, nor does everything need to be done every day. If you decide that the kitchen floor needs to be washed once a week, you pick a day for washing it on which it is no longer clean but not yet revolting. Obviously, it is kept swept and free of big spills during the week.

    I only have a set day for the main mass of laundry: Monday. I do laundry as needed throughout the week, but on Monday I do the sheets, towels, and everything else I can find. During the school year, the kitchen and bathrooms get scrubbed on Wednesdays because Zeke is at school for an extra hour.

    Speaking of laundry, I’m getting tired of my boys coming home from church with candy stains all over their shirts. Is candy really necessary in church?

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