The Bachelorette — Week 7

Did you see the cast for Bachelor Pad was announced last week? Erica Rose is back! Oh, Erica, reality tv isn’t working, go back to law school. (Yes, I said law school. Erica has been a “law student” for about five years now.) Kalon will surely add some spice to the season. I wonder if he’ll helicopter in with his nose in the air and his fancy luggage, or if he learned his lesson last time. I really don’t like the idea of Michael Stagliano or Ed Swiderski coming back. I want both of them to move on with their lives. I love the idea of having a few non-Bachelor people. I reeeeally hope that the final “mystery man” contestant will end up being Ryan. Without Ryan who will be the villain? Kalon won’t be liked, but he won’t make it far and therefore can’t be the villain. We need a villain who can make it to the end in order to keep the season interesting.

Great week on the Bach! This season has not been disappointing, as I thought it might be. I hope that abc is learning that the dates don’t need to be extravagant in order to hook viewers. People actually hoping to find love on tv is way more interesting than bikinis and helicopter rides.

Arie: The whole dating the producer thing was stupid. It was TEN years ago, and very brief. I can barely remember people I dated ten years ago, let alone any details about the relationship. I can appreciate that Emily was surprised, but the whole situation was blown out of proportion and stupid. I hated that Emily was fishing around that hinting to him that he’s not loyal and has secrets. Arie had no clue what she was talking about. Other than that stupid five minute segment, Emily and Arie are on fire! He’s the cutest. Love him. Love them together. She has stars in her eyes when she is with him, and even when she talks about him.

Sean: Seriously? Roaming the streets screaming her name? That was ridic. But Sean is so cute! I like him a lot. They are pretty smokin’ together and would surely have beautiful blonde babies. I want to see more personality from him, which I’m sure will happen in his home town next week. I’m also looking forward to meeting the parents and grandparents that he’s been raving about all season.

John: Poor John. He was sweet. I felt bad that he was so confident he would get a rose based on one good date.

Doug: Oh, Doug. So kind. He seemed to be the “dad” of the house. What he didn’t realize was that Emily isn’t looking for a man who respects her and wants to bond with her over shared experiences. She’s looking for a guy who can come into her life and take charge, make her weak in the knees, laugh with her, be her man, and give her the fairytale life she’s always wanted. Emily will not end up with a crier.

Chris: This guy needs to go. He’s a baby. He’s too serious and pensive. He needs to take a serious chill-pill. He’s handsome, but too young and most definitely not the guy for Emily. Every scene with him in it bugs me. His insecurity this week was just annoying. Again, Emily will not end up with a crier.

Jef: Still not going to talk about Jef. I will, however, clear up the rumor that his Dad IS indeed a mission president in South Carolina.

I predict that Jef will go home next week, and Arie and Sean will be the last men standing.

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2 Responses to The Bachelorette — Week 7

  1. mccall says:

    I wish you would talk about Jef, but I completely understand. I agree with everything you said, except I think that Jef is in the final 2. I think this is my favorite season. And I’ve heard there is no fantasy sweet, which would make it even better.

    She has the best final 3 men in Bachelorette history, by far. She’s got a tough decision ahead of her.

    Don’t you think that Chris looks like a reptile? His eyes are creepy.

  2. Amy says:

    I wondered if Jef’s parents were on a mission or something when he said that about being in South Carolina for a few years. I actually really like him and Emily together. Chris will (and should be), the first of the four to go. I’m just not sure who will win between Jef and Sean. Totally agree with everything else you said, so glad the reviews are back! 🙂

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