Overall, London was nice and we had a nice time. Most of the bathrooms were cleaner than I expected. The food was better than I expected. I loved that everyone spoke my language. They city was clean. The bus system was good but the tube system was annoying. The people were noticeably nice. BUT the weather was too cold, too windy, and too rainy.

Day 1: Fly to London, mad dash to the Gap to buy the cheapest sweatshirt they had for me (pictured below: it was a men’s hoodie, looked ridic on me and cost $31) because it was really cold and I didn’t have a coat, double-decker bus tour, walking tour of the City of London (including London Bridge and The Monument), eat steak pie and mashed potatoes in the City of London while watching Germany beat Greece

Day 2: Eat an amazing croissant and hot chocolate that tasted like a melted candy bar, tour Westminster Abbey, boat tour from Westminster Pier to Tower Pier, Tower of London tour with a Beefeater (this included the crown jewels exhibit, which was similar to my Vatican Museum experience but bearable because it only took about 30 minutes), freak out because I was hungry and there was no food in my immediate future, tour St. Paul’s Cathedral, go to the top of the Tower Bridge, walking tour of the Westminster area (including the parliament building and Big Ben), eat steak pie and mashed potatoes in Trafalgar Square while watching Spain beat France

Day 3: Eat an amazing croissant and hot chocolate that tasted like a melted candy bar, watch the changing of the guards at Buckingham Palace, tour Churchill War Rooms, tour the British Library (saw original Beatles lyrics scribbled on napkins, magna carta, da Vinci’s notebooks, Shakespeare’s notebooks, early bibles, etc), visit Speakers’ Corner in Hyde Park, eat steak pie and mashed potatoes near Paddington Station while watching Italy beat England

Fun facts about on our trip:

  • We learned that the idea for the tiered wedding cake came from a baker in London who was brainstorming ideas for a wedding cake, looked out his window, and copied the design of the church across the street with a tiered bell-tower.
  • When I’m hungry I turn into a raging lunatic.
  • The Feed The Birds scene from Mary Poppins is on the steps of St. Paul’s Cathedral.
  • One night at a pub we met the grandfather of a Liverpool player. He gave Peter his contact info and promised him a seat at a Liverpool game. This made Peter incredibly happy.
  • I was very turned off by the entire idea of a royal family. I’m very grateful we don’t have a King or Queen in America.
  • I loooooove steak pie!
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3 Responses to London

  1. Amy says:

    For what it’s worth, I never would have known by looking at your hair that the weather was sub par. Fabulous as always! I too am a raging lunatic when I don’t get food, pregnant or not, so I totally understand.

  2. Heather says:

    I’m so glad you got to see the British Library. I loved it and feel like it’s not really on most people’s radar.

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