The Bachelorette — Week 6

Note: I’ve had several hits to my blog from people googling “Jef Holm mission”. For the sake of curious people everywhere, yes, Jef was a full-time Mormon missionary in Minneapolis, Minnesota with my husband. I’m not going to include him in any of my Bachelorette reviews.

I thought this season would be sort of boring, but I think it might be one of my favorite Bach seasons ever. I like that it is more focused on Emily actually getting to know the guys rather than helicopter rides and climbing mountains together. One of my favorite dates so far was when the guys got to meet Emily’s friends. They should do that every season!

Arie: He’s a front-runner. He’s the perfect amount of handsome (not overly-handsome-trying-too-hard-gross-handsome like Ryan). He and Emily seem to have a great time together and good chemistry. I mean, how smokin’ was the kiss they shared on their little walk last week? He’s very much a hot boy-next-door type, which I think is what Emily likes.

Chris: I agree that he seems older than 25, but he seems to be trying too hard to prove his maturity. If you have to prove your maturity, you’re probably not all that mature. He’s ok, but I don’t see them together.

Doug: Come on. Does he have to throw his kid into every conversation? We know you’re a dad. We know that gives you something in common with Emily. I don’t see them together at all. The crying is a bit much. I don’t think Emily is into that.

John: Where the heck has this guy been? I don’t even know him.

Ryan: Is this guy for real? Does he think he’s fooling anyone? He’s gross. When asked if he was a romantic he replied, “Yes! I love to make a woman ‘feel’ whether it’s appreciated, thought of, loved, wanted, and I believe actions can be taken to draw these emotions.” GAG ME! So many of his quotes were just gross. He reminds me of Gastan from Beauty and the Beast. Watch this and tell me you don’t see/hear Ryan. I loved how shocked he was to be going home, and how he proceeded to try to talk his way back in. Poor Emily was trying to be nice, but Ryan really backed her into a corner where she had to reject him several times. Be a man Ryan, just go with your dignity intact. I did feel sorry for him when all the guys were cheering when his bags were taken from the hotel. Maybe this will cause him to reevaluate his pride?

Sean: I like Sean. He has a good look for Emily, and he’s sweet. I’m a little tired of hearing about his in-love parents and grandparents, but I think he means well.

Travis: Travis is cute, and sweet. I was mildly surprised that she sent him home, blaming chemistry. Does she really have more chemistry with John or Doug than she does with Travis? Doubt it.

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6 Responses to The Bachelorette — Week 6

  1. Linz says:

    Does Arie know how to kiss a woman or what? She’s toast.

  2. Amy says:

    Yes! I’ve been dying to hear your thoughts the whole season! I totally agree about Arie and the street kiss, so hot!

    I definitely see him as a front runner, but how do you think the whole dating the producer thing is going to play out?

  3. Lara says:

    Yay! Been waiting for your bachelorette post… I am also totally liking this season way more than I thought. Emily has grown on me and I’m actually a fan of hers. I think it’ll come down to Arie or Sean in the end…and so glad gross Ryan is gone. Blah. I was worried for a minute she might change her mind but hallelujah she stuck to her guns.

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  6. Rebekah says:

    I admire your ethics in leaving Jef out of your discussion even though i’d KILL to hear what you could dish on him. You are a more advanced human than I!!

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