Getting to Switzerland

We are finally together in Switzerland. No more back and forth. We’ll be here until mid-August.

The trip over was less than desirable. Our flight out of Boston was delayed five hours. Luckily we got on a earlier flight just two hours later. Our stupid plane didn’t have individual TVs on the seats (!!!!!), so we were stuck watching the same movies as everyone else on the big screen. Everyone else except me, that is. I watched nothing but this balding head for six hours:

After an hour layover in Amsterdam we were told we had been booted from the flight for no reason at all. After that was sorted out, we arrived in Switzerland, tired and hungry. Unfortunately NONE of our bags made it.

After an hour train ride, a 10 minute tram ride, and a 10 minute walk uphill, we were home. I was crazy grumpy and went straight to bed. Peter was grateful I went to bed.

I usually don’t mind traveling, but I’m not sure I ever want to travel across the world again. It’s exhausting.

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