The Bachelor — Finale and ATFR

  • I’m still mad at Switzerland, so I can’t fully enjoy this episode.
  • We all know that Courtney is going to win. The only reason anyone is watching tonight is to see how Lindzi reacts to the rejection, and to see how the ATFR turns out. It’s not fun when the winner is obvious.
  • Lindzi is trying pretty hard and is too smiley and happy today. I don’t like it. I think she can tell that Ben is more distant today (his mind is already made up), and she’s grasping at straws. Let him go Lindz, he’s not worth it.
  • OMG the Lindzi / Ben serious convo needs to end NOW. It’s too fake and it’s annoying.
  • I love all Oreo commercials.
  • Courtney just dissed Lindzi. Remember how she swore that she wasn’t a mean girl? That was clearly fake because she’s still being mean.
  • Do they bring porta potties on their adventures?
  • I think Lindzi really thinks she is going to win.
  • I’m proud of Lindzi for leaving with her head held high.
  • Stupid quote of the night: “I’m a good person and good things happen to good people.” – Courtney
  • Ben looks even more terrible in the ATFR. Ben, please cut your hair and shave your face.
  • If Ben and Courtney can’t make it between the finale and the ATFR, they will never last. I can imagine that period of time is very hard, but life has lots of hard periods.
  • I’m glad this season is over.



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One Response to The Bachelor — Finale and ATFR

  1. Lindsay says:

    I’m just mad I won’t ever get the time back that I spent watching this season.

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