The Bachelor — Week 10, WTA

Peter is in Switzerland, so there won’t be any commentary from him tonight. Sad. Also, I just pulled two loaves of bread out of the oven. Yum.

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  • I liked the “where are they now” recap. Michelle has a serious Utah accent, and it cracks me up every time I hear her talk.
  • They spent a lot of time on the Ali and Frank reunion. Not into it. She missed her chance when she lost Roberto.
  • Samantha is annoying. About half way though the show they must have told her to speak only when spoken to, because she shut up.
  • I’m so glad Shawntel called everyone out for attacking her appearance. She pointed out their trashiness, which was pretty awesome. I hope they were thoroughly embarrassed.
  • Emily might be my favorite. I always thought Ben was rude and condescending to her. She’s clearly intelligent, but her statement that “Love isn’t about rational thoughts. It’s about connection.” was ridiculous. Lasting love is EXACTLY about rational thoughts. Her line of thinking is probably why these bach relationships don’t work out.
  • Nicki is sweet. I think she might make a good Bachelorette.
  • Kacie B is also very sweet, but I don’t think she’d make a good Bachelorette or Bachelor Pad contestant. Too normal.
  • The more I watch these girls, the more terrible I think Ben is. They are so cute and sweet, and he was so dumb and made so many terrible choices.
  • I don’t think I can believe Courtney. She looked fairly sincere at points, but I’m not sure if I buy it. I don’t think she was sorry for being mean, I think she was sorry that she got caught.
  • Geez. Ben’s hair is STILL terrible!! Hasn’t he been so embarrassed seeing himself like that on tv that he would have cut it by now?
  • Ben’s attitude is really frustrating. This show has seriously blown up his ego. The way he talks to these women is terrible. He acts like he’s better than them, and he’s not. I wish I could go back and watch him on Ashley’s season. I’d like to see how he’s changed.
  • Did Nicki honestly say that Ben is the best guy she’s EVER met? She seriously has to get out more. I’m sure he’s a fine person, but “the best guy”???
  • What was the point of Ben being there? He said nothing. We learned nothing from him. Why didn’t we address the skinny-dipping??
  • I think Ben is deciding between these two things in the final episode:
    1. Choosing Courtney, letting her wear the pants in their relationship, and having it last a maximum of three months.
    2. Choosing Lindzi, sharing the “pants wearing” responsibilities equally, and having it last 18 months until Lindzi gets tired of waiting for him to grow up and moves on.
    Based on what we know about Ben, he will clearly choose the situation where he doesn’t have to wear the pants.
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2 Responses to The Bachelor — Week 10, WTA

  1. Amy says:

    I thought Emily handled herself so, so well. Her comments on Ben were direct and true. You could tell there weren’t even clips of her being vicious to play, which I loved. I’m glad she realizes now that she’s way too good for him since the rest of us knew it a while ago.

    I debated Courtney’s sincerity myself. She may be upset, but I think the only reason she’s sorry for how she acted is the repercussions it has brought, not because that isn’t who she is.

    Nicki would make a great Bachelorette, I think Emily has a lot of potential too. Poor Nicki, she didn’t look like she was over Ben at all, just heart broken. He’s such an idiot.

    Having him there was pointless, when his interview ended I was very disappointed. All he did was smile, say how horrible it was to be there, and laugh at Jamie making a fool of herself…again.

  2. $ says:

    I don’t even watch the show, and I still read your posts about it. You’re so fervent in your recaps, they’re just not to be missed! Ha. Sorry about the Swissies kidnapping your beau for three months so you have to watch alone.

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