The Bachelor — Week 9

  • Holla for Switzerland!
  • Ben’s wardrobe is ridic. Zipper up the side jacket? Double-breasted beige car coat? Chunky cable knit cardigan with a fur collar? Come on, Ben.
  • “My relationship with Nicki is getting to new heights. At the same time it’s grounded.” This is the gold that the Bachelor is made of!
  • Peter likes the Target commercial with the colorful people. Yes, we watch commercials. We live in MIT housing and they force us to use their stupid MIT cable.
  • “She is SO much hotter than he is! His hair makes him look like a girl! ” – Peter
  • I lost some respect for Nicki for not having a fresh manicure. I hate nails that look like they were painted too long ago.
  • Did Nicki just imply that it’s been a year and a half since she had “an overnight” with a man? Awkward.
  • I hate that Ben thinks that he has the upper-hand on these women. They are all hotter and cooler than he is. He’s much less awesome than he thinks he is. I mean, how is ANY man confident enough to wear a sweater with a faux fur collar? This screams of over-compensating.
  • Emotional conversations make Ben uncomfortable. Is it because:
    a) the girls are pouring their hearts out to him and he doesn’t love them in return (which is true, he likes their hotness and easy make-outs, but clearly not them as individuals)
    b) he doesn’t like to verbally express emotions on camera (which is understandable)
  • I really like Nicki but I wish she would stop saying heartfelt, emotional things because it’s making me uncomfortable. She’s trying really hard to put it all out there to ensure a rose.
  • Where is Lindzi’s coat?! She needs to put her hair in a ponytail. Her nails look awesome. Her purple dress is so pretty, but girlfriend needs some lipstick!
  • Ben pulled out the “Oh my dad!” again. That needs to stop.
  • Does Lindzi really think of herself as an Ice Queen? She’s been nothing but giggly and smiley the entire season. I must have missed something??
  • I can’t get over the fact that Courtney dated Gabrielle Solis’ gardener/lover, John Rowland. He’s hot. Ben’s not. The fact that she’s “crying” about hurting Ben is so stupid. She’s not a very good actress, it’s very transparent. You can’t blame being mean to people on “having your guard up”. She is a mean girl. No one wants to be with a mean person. A mean person would be the worst type of person to be married to.
  • After Courtney’s apology: “He got over the fact that she’s a mean girl really quickly so he could get to the fantasy suite with her. He doesn’t ‘feel good about their relationship,’ he feels good about getting busy!” – Peter
  • I have no comment about the three Bachelorettes watching Titanic.
  • How can he say all his concerns were laid to rest after his convo with Courtney? That is stupid. All it takes is a two minute conversation and everything is better? More proof that this “relationship” is only skin deep.
  • When Kacie wanted answers, I’m glad Ben blamed their different backgrounds. Sad for Kacie, but it’s true. If you can’t deal with someone’s family, you shouldn’t continue the relationship. It’s hard to marry a wine-maker if your family doesn’t drink. That would be the tip of the iceberg and Ben isn’t man enough to conquer an iceberg.
  • The conversation between Ben and Kacie about Courtney was a little annoying. Ben has heard the same things about Courtney over and over. Why is he acting so shocked right now? He’s known how the girls have felt about Courtney for weeks! This is nothing new.
  • Chris Harrison rules. Love that guy.
  • I like to give people the benefit of the doubt. Normally I would say that Courtney deserves a second chance since she apologized. But in this case, I don’t think so. You can’t be mean over and over and over and then pretend that it was only because of your circumstance, and that you really are a nice person. Mean people are regularly mean, and nice people are regularly nice with a few mean moments. Courtney was regularly mean. You can’t recover from meanness overnight.
  • If Courtney had a different profession she would have been gone a long time ago. Ben’s in love with a model, not with Courtney.
  • The fact that he’s STILL torn over whether or not to keep Courtney really speaks to his lack of self-esteem.
  • Nicki’s dress looks like a toga. Not a fan. Her lashes look great, and her manicure looks fresh.
  • I’m sad about Nicki. I liked her the best out of the final three.
  • This is the first week I’ve noticed Ben talk much about marriage and kids. I don’t believe him. I still think he’s in this for fun/adventure/helicopter rides.
  • Overall I felt like Ben’s relationships seemed more developed last week than they did this week. He doesn’t seem anywhere near love with any of these girls. Ben seems to like hanging out and making out with them, but (besides his surface-level obsession to Courtney), he doesn’t seem to be infatuated with any of them. Remember Brad and Emily? You could see his attraction to her from a mile away. He loved everything about her. Where has that been this season? I want to see some obsession! Someone twitterpated! Someone googley-eyed! Let’s hope we get that from Emily’s season.
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4 Responses to The Bachelor — Week 9

  1. Lindsay says:

    How small was Emily’s red dress?!??! Wowza. Good thing she has a hot bod, because that could have been really bad on someone else. But seriously, are they changing it from the Bachelorette to Pretty Woman II?

    I’m over this season. I’m irritated with Ben. He needs a cold shower. I think Kacie has a side of crazy. I think Lindzi really needs some lipstick. I think Nicki was sweet and I’m glad she is out of that mess. And I think Courtney is a jerk…..and Jesse Metcalf was super hot. Ben is an obvious downgrade. I hope Ben dumps Courtney after the final rose and I hope none of the other girls give him the time of day. What a wiener.

  2. Amy says:

    I was going to leave all my thoughts, but you and Lindsay have summed it up perfectly. 🙂

    Switzerland looked beautiful! I’m a little jealous you’re going to live there, but even more excited for you now!

  3. Kenna says:

    Just found out the two girls in my neighbor I’ve been discussing the bachelor with REALLY like Courtney. I mean that they think she is sincere and honest with Ben and they feel like she has the most chemistry with him. They want her to get the ring. I think I threw up on my mouth a little bit when I heard them say that. I was shocked! All I could say was ‘ya, I hope she ends up with Ben too.’ but for obviously different reasons.

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