Bachelor search terms

One of the stats that wordpress keeps for me is what search terms people search for and end up on my blog. In the past the search terms have been “chocolate pie” or “Portland is weird”, but since I’ve been blogging about the Bachelor most of the search terms are bachelor related. They are mostly about hair, nail polish, and Ben being a dork.

Here are some of my favorites:

bachelor ben is a dork, ben bachelor dork, lindzi bachelor makeup, the bachelor ben is a dork, bachelor ben is a geek, ben bachelor geek, bachelor ben annoying, ben hair ridiculous, lindzi from bachelor wears too much makeup, courtney is knocked kneed on bachelor, so disappointed in the bachelor, ben sees through courtney, ben is the worst bachelor, bachelor lindzi makeup, oh my dad bachelor, ben from the bachelor dork, terrible hair ben, ben bachelor heartless, ben on bachelor dork, lindzi bachelor too much makeup, ben’s hair is so dumb, bachelor ben gross kisser

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