The Bachelor — Week 8

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  • I’m starting to think that maybe Lindzi and Ben are fairly well matched. She strikes me as the type that might have been a bit of a loner/dork her whole life, just as Ben seems to have been. She’s much cuter than he is, but socially they seem pretty equal.
  • How did Lindzi not know where her parents were married? That was weird.
  • Carriage racing? Cool.
  • I liked the wine glasses that looked like mason jars.
  • Overall, Lindzi’s parents were sweet and things seemed natural and comfortable between Ben and Lindzi. I haven’t really thought of Lindzi as a front runner, but all of the sudden I like them together. Where did this come from??

Kacie B.

  • Marching band? Ridic.
  • Peter’s opinion of Kacie “dropped significantly when she came out twirling a baton.”
  • Kacie’s story about her in-love grandparents was not well-received by Ben. I loved how he said, “[pause]…great” after she poured her heart out about her beliefs about love.
  • For the first time, Kacie and Ben’s chemistry doesn’t seem as “on” as Lindzi and Ben’s chemistry.
  • How old is Kacie’s sister? Maybe 17?
  • It’s nice to see Kacie’s parents be protective and realistic. Most hometown dates end with the parents acting like the person is perfect and wonderful and they are completely supportive and give their approval. This was a more appropriate response from an involved and loving parent.
  • Ben’s hair is terrible!!
  • Kacie’s dad is soooo much like my dad.
  • Kacie’s parents are right. Kacie is too good for Ben. They are not evenly matched.


  • Peter likes Nicki the best. Maybe because of her tramp stamp?
  • Peter called Ben a name that is not blog appropriate when he was wearing the cowboy hat.
  • Peter thinks Nicki is the prettiest girl left.
  • Peter just took the trash out. Unprompted. ???
  • Nicki’s family wears shoes in the house! Nicki even put her shoes on the bed!!
  • Wow! Nicki pulled out the LOVE card. Ben and Nicki’s relationship took a giant leap forward today. I haven’t really thought of Nicki as a true contender until now.
  • Their chemistry was hotter than Ben and Kacie’s, but not as hot as Ben and Lindzi’s chemistry.


  • I like Courtney’s parents. They seem responsible. It’s nice to hear parents being reasonable.
  • Courtney’s bed was covered with Ikea pillows. I’m not sure my mom has ever even been to Ikea.
  • All of the sudden Courtney is acting normal. ???
  • Vows? Faux wedding? This is so silly. They are so not into each other, and Ben was surely not into the whole staged wedding thing. Everything seemed forced and awkward.
  • Asking Ben to write vows on demand was another way that Courtney could manipulate Ben. She’s dying for his attention and affection. Not because she likes him, but because she HAS to win. She keeps forcing him to move forward with her and he plays into it every time. It makes him look weak and desperate. BUT, weak and desperate with a huge ego pretty much describes Ben throughout this whole season.
  • Courtney does not love Ben. No way. It’s silly to even consider them as a realistic couple.


  • As I’ve said before, Ben is just not into this whole thing. He’s not ready to be married and settled down. He’s looking for fun, adventure, and a hot out-of-his-league girlfriend/booty-call. He doesn’t seem sincere in meeting the families, or in his relationships. Remember how sincere Brad was? We need another Bachelor like that. The drama in this show is only dramatic when the contestants actually believe they are there for a true love fairy tale. It’s a lot less fun to watch when the Bachelor himself is more interested in helicopter rides than he is in the girls.
  • All of the relationships seemed much more developed than they did last week.
  • Courtney’s gold dress at the rose ceremony was terrible, but the other three women looked lovely.
  • There didn’t seem to be a clear loser after seeing the hometown dates. I was clueless who he would send home. I’ve thought Kacie would be one of the final two for the past several weeks. Do you think she went home because of the way her parents acted on the hometown? Ben is a sissy, and I think he might have been too intimidated by her protective parents. He’s not interested in dealing with conflict like that. He’s interested in skinny dipping with a hot (or not-so-hot) model because this is the only chance he’ll ever get for that.
  • Why did Ben and Kacie have nothing to say to each other after the rose ceremony? No explanation? No questions? Obviously their relationship wasn’t all that deep.
  • I’m so glad Kacie went home. She was way too good for him. She dodged a bullet.
  • Kacie’s limo ride was tragic. What happened there? It was embarrassing for her.
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6 Responses to The Bachelor — Week 8

  1. Lindsay says:

    Oh my word, she really lost it in the limo, didn’t she?! And she comes back next week! I could tell by her walk and her bracelet!! Why would she do this to herself? Tragic.

    I do like Lindzi and Nicki. I think Lindzi is a little more normal. I think Nicki might be too intense for Ben. But, for their sake, I hope he picks Courtney. I dislike him more than any other bachelor. I miss Brad, too.

    If Courtney and Ben actually get married, they are going to have THE hairiest children with the most bazaar hairlines on the planet. I think they will look more like monkeys than children.

  2. Anonymous says:

    amazing recap!! definitely think kacie’s dad scared the crap out of wussy Ben…and I think he knew she was the only one naive enough to maybe really like him so he did her a favor and sent her home now.

  3. Kenna says:

    Gosh I hope Courtney wins. I’m just feeling bad for these other women. Christian reads this sports and pop culture site called grantland and he said your post was just like the writers posts on the bachelor. Way to go Liz, you could be a writer (like you didn’t know that already though)!

  4. Heather Dominguez says:

    First of all, Liz, HOW THE HECK R U???? Second, I love that u talk about every episode. I love everything u say! I liked kacie for Ben too but after last night it’s clear she is way too good for him… and his hair IS terrible! I actually don’t think he was all that uncomfortable with the fake wedding… I get the feeling that he really likes Courtney; which I think is ridiculous. She doesn’t love him at all… I’ve thought she was so yucky the whole time. I hope she really feels bad for how she acted on the show when they all reunite… She should be embarrassed. I hate when she scrunches her face and jumps around like a little girl when she gets a rose… Clearly, she annoys me, lol. This has been such a lame season… I don’t know why I watch… I sometimes wonder if it’s turning my brain to mush.

    Have a great week, Liz and I hope all is well with u guys!!!


  5. Amy says:

    I totally agree with your theory on Lindzi being a bit of a loner and making them well suited to each other. I LOVED where her parents live, shoot, I’d probably marry someone for those horses, riding tracks, in ground pool, and fire pit for nightly smores! 🙂

    Whatever word Peter used to describe Ben in the hat, I agree.

    Courtney did seem shockingly normal this episode, but I still don’t like her.

    Poor Kacie, I don’t blame her for being shocked, I thought she’d be the one who chose too.

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