The Bachelor — Week 7

  • I missed the first seven minutes of the show. I was at Qdoba. I tuned in right as Ben and Lindzi were in a helicopter and Ben was wearing a terrible tank top. Gross.
  • I hate when the girls give credit to Ben because of the dates. As if he has any say in anything that goes on!
  • Lindzi is less annoying than she has been in past episodes. She doesn’t seem to be trying quite as hard, and she’s more natural. I’m still not sure that I see them together.
  • My favorite dates are the ones where they are just hanging out. I like that Ben and Emily are just chillin’.
  • Wait. Are Courtney and Lindzi friends? What was with all the sharing and closeness on the bed? It was sort of funny that Lindzi didn’t contribute to the convo, she just nodded a lot.
  • Courtney is emotionally abusive.
  • Emily is smart. But she’s apparently not that smart because she’s still interested in Ben. They won’t end up together. Their kisses are gross.
  • Ben and Courtney look really hot and uncomfortable. Why don’t they sit in the shade? Or go inside? Why do they hug and kiss when they are so sweaty? No one wants to snuggle when they are sweaty, and no one wants to snuggle with a sweaty person. Sick.
  • “Oh my Dad” That’s weird.
  • Could Ben seriously see Courtney being the mother of his children? He needs to get his head checked. Their kisses are gross, she’s not into it.
  • Courtney needs to chill on the trash talk. Ben’s not into it.
  • Courtney needs to get over herself.
  • Courtney needs to stop manipulating Ben.
  • Ben needs to stop wearing tank tops.
  • This episode is pretty boring.
  • Kacie B. is the hottest in the house.
  • I’m so jealous of all the sun burns! Everyone looks amazing.
  • Best line of the show: “Kacie B. is a little girl in a little boy’s body.” – Courtney
  • Courtney needs to stop scrunching her face.
  • Courtney needs to stop talking.
  • Peter thinks Kacie is hottest, Nicki is second hottest, Lindzi wears too much makeup, Emily is normal, Rachel shouldn’t have bangs or a nose piercing, and Courtney is just ok.
  • I wasn’t surprised that Rachel didn’t get a rose, but I was surprised to see that Nicki got one. I thought Rachel and Nicki would go and Emily would stay.


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4 Responses to The Bachelor — Week 7

  1. Lindsay says:

    Courtney needs to stop talking in a baby voice. And she has a skinny, man-body. She is toxic and needs to go. Actually, I think she should win because the other girls are too smart for that dummy caveman.

    Lindzi really needs to wear lipstick. If she is going to wear all that makeup, she needs to balance it with some color. She looks like she is a little bit dead.

    I also noticed the tank tops. No guys look good in tank tops, not even guys with nice bodies. Ben’s gross flabby arms should be covered up.

  2. Amy says:

    I can NOT believe he picked Courtney! Well, I can, clearly, he’s an idiot. His date with Emily seemed magical, but for her sake I’m glad it didn’t work out and she can now end up with someone who’s not a loser.

    The only thing that annoys me more that Courtney’s baby voice is the weird ways she holds her mouth and lips. How can he even stand to look at her? Ew.

    I also noticed the gross tank top. Did you see the little pocket on it? His hair grosses me out even more when he’s sweaty. Honestly, I’m not sure there’s much I like about him anymore.

    I think Kacie B will be a finalist, but I can’t decided who the other one will be. I hope it’s not Lindzi, she wears too much make up and I think she’s sort of annoying.

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