The Bachelor — Week 6

See my week 2, week 3, week 4, and week 5 posts.

  • Did Ben really roll up in a ginorm jeep? Wannabe!
  • Ben needs to knock off the condescending tone. It reminds me of one of my favorite quotes from Kevin Arnold, “Of course, we didn’t realize it at the time, but this guy had the biggest inferiority complex since Napoleon.”
  • Were Ben and Kacie B. really eating that fish? Gross.
  • I don’t think Ben will get engaged at the end of the season. If he does, I don’t think he’s still going to be engaged by the time the entire season has aired.
  • Is there no one around to tell Ben how ridiculous his hair looks? It’s so gross! It’s all greasy and stringy all the time.
  • Yes. One of the girls called Ben a “man’s man”. Hahaha!
  • I could never make it on this show. If my hair gets wet, I get ticked, and start crying. I do not roll with the punches when my hair is wet or when my makeup is dripping off my face.
  • Ben in a loin cloth? No, thank you. His tushie was hanging out! His comment about “appreciating” Courtney’s choice of attire was gross.
  • Lyndzi wears too much makeup and needs to keep her hair out of her face.
  • Ben and Lyndzi’s kiss was not cute.
  • Courtney is the master manipulator. Ben’s inner-nerd can NOT see through it! The more he plays into it, the dumber I think he is.
  • I look forward to the Women Tell All episode. I can’t wait to watch how the girls treat Courtney.
  • Ew. I was so mad at Ben for treating Emily like she was immature and silly for calling Courtney out. She is clearly the smartest girl in the house, and his intimidation causes him to act superior to her, which is a major turn-off.
  • The conversation between Courtney and Emily was disgusting. Poor Emily was trying to be nice, and nasty Courtney spit all over it.
  • Courtney is so immature. Her attitude about not getting the rose after the group date was pathetic. Get over yourself, honey. You aren’t the hottest in the house.
  • Speaking of hottest in the house…I can’t decide.
  • Blakely’s enthusiasm about the two-on-one was annoying.
  • At the beginning of the season I didn’t think Rachel was particularly cute. Her physical appearance has grown on me, but I’d like to see her without bangs and without piercings. Are nose rings still a thing? Especially for a 27-year-old “Fashion Sales Rep”? Do you think that means she works at the mall? Maybe she folds shirts at Hot Topic. Check out her smokin’ hot model sister, Crystal Truehart.
  • Too many tears from Blakely!! And that ridic book?? Oh man she was sealing her fate with each page turn. No dude wants that. Especially a “man’s man”.
  • That little kitty cat following them was funny. Meow.
  • Poor Blakely made a fool of herself when she left. Ben was SO over it and she couldn’t stop carrying on.
  • What the heck is the deal with Casey’s profile picture? She is WAY cuter on the show than she is in that picture.
  • Wtf happened with Casey? I was expecting her to be deceptive about her at-home-boyfriend, but that isn’t what happened at all. The only thing she was guilty of was having an ex-boyfriend. Every girl in the history of the show is guilty of the same thing. It seemed like she got pressured into saying she still had feelings for the old boyfriend. So what?! The way to get over an old boyfriend is find a new boyfriend. I got married on a rebound, and Casey could have too. She was on the show to find new love, just like everyone else. Shouldn’t what happened before she came be irrelevant? I think she got booted out the door because she is too ditzy and couldn’t form a thought. She needed to stop, breathe, and better explain herself. I think she was crying so hard because she got ganged up on, pushed out the door, and couldn’t figure out how to stop it. That situation was frustrating to watch. I don’t think she deserved to be sent home.
  • Casey is not a cute crier. Peter was cracking up watching her cry.
  • Jamie made me laugh out loud. Her attempt to be sexy was laughable. Ben was not into it. Watching it was awkward. She was too drunk.
  • Courtney’s dress at the rose ceremony was not cute. I have a nightshirt that looks similar.
  • I’m sure no one was surprised to see Jamie go. Her bio says that Danielle Steele or Nora Roberts are her favorite authors. I applaud her honesty, because that would be embarrassing to admit.
  • Emily should stop rapping. Stop with the gimmicks ladies! Raps? Scrapbooks? Barf!
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6 Responses to The Bachelor — Week 6

  1. Lesli says:

    The few times I have tried to watched The Bachelor over the years, I only lasted about 20 minutes. But Brent is out of town this week, after all your updates, I think I might give it another whirl.

  2. Amy says:

    I had the exact same thought about Ben’s hair. Gross! Doesn’t this show have stylists?! Surely, someone could help him.

    Casey definitely isn’t a cute crier and not only was Barry laughing at her, he was mocking her mimicking the cry each time she did it, I wish I had a video of it. I agree, pushed out the door. I’m sure they all have an ex boyfriend somewhere. And what did he mean that it had been brought to his attention three times when they were back in the states? What was that about?

    There are not words to express my excitement for the upcoming, “Courtney’s a fraud” conversation with Ben they keep showing on the preview. Ew, I hate her so much! And I still don’t think she’s even that pretty.

  3. Lindsay says:

    I said the exact same thing about Casey. All of those girls are probably there trying to get over their last boyfriend. Every relationship comes off of a rebound. It’s just the way things go. I feel bad that she basically got kicked off. I think she was just too dumb to realize what was happening. Poor thing. You gotta hate the ugly cry.

    Ben is getting worse and worse to watch. What a tool. Whoever he picks if it isn’t Courtney is going to be so annoyed. If he did pick Courtney, I hope he drops her after the final rose. That is the only way he could redeem himself. And the loin cloth was super gross. Love handles and flabby man cheeks should always be covered up.

    Jay was DYING during the scrapbook. I am pretty sure no man on Earth wants to see a scrapbook…let alone after only 4 weeks. Psycho!!

  4. cyndie says:

    So I saw a few seconds of The Bachelor on my DVR and was totally grossed out by . . . I’m referring to your post, let me see . . . Ben. He gave me the willies.

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