The Bachelor — Week 5

See my week 2, week 3, and week 4 posts.

  • I like Nicki’s yellow nail polish. I also liked the coral color that Jennifer and Elyse were wearing.
  • Nicki was trying too hard to act like rain doesn’t bother her. After all the time she spent straightening her hair before the date, I’m sure she was ticked. In true Bachelor form they had to show that dancing in the rain is just like rolling with the punches in life. That is the pure gold this show is made of.
  • Ben is a dork. Not cool. Not funny. Not studly. He is a high school geek turned Bachelor. I like him less and less with each episode. I like him about as much as I liked Matt Grant from the London Calling season (the worst Bachelor ever).
  • It was interesting how they kept dropping Emily Maynard’s name. It’s like they are desperately trying to hang on to viewers.
  • Seriously Ben? Suspenders hanging down? Uncool. You can not pull that off. Only .001% of people can, and you are not that .001%.
  • Everyone’s hair was sooooo frizzy!
  • I was actually pretty impressed at the skill level on the baseball field.
  • There is no way that Courtney is actually interested in Ben. She wants to win the game, become famous, and further her modeling career. Ben, the previous high school geek, is just so excited to have attention from a real model that he’ll do anything to keep her around. Gross.
  • I don’t like Elyse based on her treatment of Shawntel in week 3.
  • Elyse overshared and tried too hard. I’m over her.
  • When Ben was grilling Elyse at dinner I was totally turned off by him. It was so condescending. He needs to get over himself.
  • The breakup scene between Ben and Elyse lasted waaaaaay too long.
  • Courtney is the worst. She was trying too hard in his hotel room. It was just awkward. The skinny-dipping scene was just pathetic. If it had come up organically, it would have added some nice spice to the show, but it didn’t. It was forced. It just seemed like an excuse to show him her body, and to seduce him. There is no chemistry between them, it’s too forced.
  • I don’t like Lindzi anymore. I want her to keep her hair out of her face and stop smiling so much.
  • I hated the threat from Ben to Emily. “Tread lightly.” Boo, Ben!! He needs to stop acting like he’s the shiz-bomb and everyone worships him. It’s really off-putting.
  • Emily is too good for Ben, and she knows it.
  • I was very surprised to see Jennifer go. I liked her and I thought they were pretty well matched. No, I take that back. Jennifer is too good for Ben.
  • Jennifer’s hiccup sobs were breaking my heart.
  • I’m excited about seeing Switzerland in the finale.
  • Gross. I would never let Peter smear whipped cream in my hair. Even when we were dating I would not have pretended that was fun. Or dancing in the rain after I straightened my hair. I prefer orderly fun.

Overall I was very disappointed with Ben in the episode. He’s not bachelor material. I will not be satisfied until we have another bachelor like Brad Womack!!

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10 Responses to The Bachelor — Week 5

  1. Colette says:

    Hey, Liz! 🙂 Just got done watching and I’m completely disappointed. Ben is bugging me so bad, Courtney is evil and I’m not sure I can keep watching. All of your points are perfect!

  2. Lindsay says:

    Jennifer IS way too good for Ben. Her cry was so sad! Poor thing. Elyse scared me a little. I’m not sad to see her go. I think she has a little psycho in her. I’m sad more of it didn’t come out. Blakely, too. I am really just waiting for her to seriously lose it.

    Ben is a total douche bag. I liked him at first, but he is really not doing a very good job. He is a little too obvious about who he likes. Not sure why the girls are sticking around. It must be for the awesome destinations, because none of them could possible be staying for him.

    Courtney is knock-kneed and buck-toothed. She is gross.

  3. Amy says:

    I had the exact same thought about Emily, WAY too good for him. Kacie B is so sweet and they seem to have an actual chemistry. I was excited to see that some sort of confrontation regarding Courtney is going to take place in the near future so hopefully Emily can quite taking all the heat for being the only one smart enough to see it and true enough to say something!

    Honestly, when Ben said how crappy he felt (yeah right) about the skinny dipping, I was hoping he’d confess to all the other girls what had happened and send Courtney home. I couldn’t agree more that she’s just trying to further her modeling career by drawing all kinds of attention to herself on this show. I don’t even think she’s pretty! Good hair, maybe, but her face isn’t anything to brag about.

  4. jamie says:

    Good. I am glad you are seeing the light when it comes to Ben. I have disliked him from day one. I could forgive his ugliness if he had any sort of personality or charm, but he doesn’t. Sad about Jennifer, but she is better off. Do you read the recaps on I Hate Green Beans (blog)? They are hilarious; check them out.

  5. Emily says:

    I love your Bachelor recaps, so hilarious! And I agree with about everything you said. I think Ben is a loser, and the skinny dipping scene was my confirmation.

  6. Kenna says:

    I watched it! Although maybe this was a bad week to jump in because I have to say I was not really impressed. Ben is lame. I really have no further words for that guy. And I sort of feel bad for some of the girls that are left that will probably get stuck with him as the weeks go on. Loved all your thoughts-especially the whipped cream one! So gross!

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  9. Anonymous says:

    the Bachelor is a dork with bad hockey helmet hair and he needs some pointers on how to kiss a woman. Dude tries to eat their mouth when kissing. He’s a poindexter anyway and not good looking

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