I am a Grandma

  • I’d rather stay home than go out.
  • I like to bake treats for people when they are sad.
  • I like things to be orderly.
  • I don’t like loud noises.
  • I always have cookies on hand.
  • The type on some websites is too small for me to see so I have to enlarge my browser to read comfortably.
  • I like small children, but only when they are clean and well-behaved.
  • I like to “visit“.
  • I have lots of gray hair (and have since I was about 21).
  • When I stand up from sitting on the floor I groan and my joints creak.
  • I looooove to puzzle.
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2 Responses to I am a Grandma

  1. Amber Palmer says:

    Hey Liz! So I’m totally a stalker. I found you through your blog about the apartments at MIT. My husband just got accepted to do his Ph.D in Chemistry at MIT and I was hoping that I could ask you a couple questions about church, housing, and living in Boston. If you are up for it I would love it if I could email you about things. My email address is write_amber@hotmail.com


  2. cyndie says:

    You should come for a visit and we can be grandmas together.

    In addition to your list, I also like to yell at my neighbor’s dog and talk about the weather.

    P.S. I meant to ask you what you thought of the State of the Union address.

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