The Bachelor — Week 4

See my posts on week 2, week 3.

  • I like Ben a lot less after this episode.
  • Rachel’s date was very ho-hum. He kept saying she was beautiful, but they didn’t seem to be having very much fun.
  • Courtney is a mean girl.
  • Oh Samantha. That situation seemed sad. Ben didn’t seem to feel bad at all. I can’t decide if this makes me like him more or less. I think less. Is he a little bit mean and heartless? Or just honest and straightforward??
  • Every single person in Bachelor history is “deathly afraid of heights” and “has a hard time opening up”. Get some new material, people.
  • I hope next season they have someone who has a severe allergy to roses.
  • Courtney’s convo with Ben at the end of the group date about how she was feeling unsure was simply manipulative. She wasn’t unsure about anything, it was all a game to get more attention from him. And it worked!! I was so mad at him for giving her the rose after that. He fell right into her trap. Does he really want to play those games for the rest of his life? Yuck.
  • I still like Kacie B.
  • Jennifer is also a favorite. I like how he keeps talking about kissing her.
  • Poor Emily. I think that little convo with Ben at the rose ceremony really backfired on her. I was annoyed that Ben was so quick to defend Courtney, rather than hear what Emily had to say. I hated that he basically threatened Emily to stop talking trash or she would go home. It seemed immature of him. Shouldn’t he be interested in what the girls think of the other girls? Or at least hear them out?
  • Casey S. is cute, but running to Courtney to give her the dirt from Emily and Ben’s conversation at the rose ceremony was rude. I judge her for that. I understand being loyal to friends, but nothing was gained from this. All she did was stir up unnecessary trouble. (Which is exactly why I love this show!)
  • Courtney needs to stop pretending she is so awesome and tough. It’s nothing but annoying, mostly because it’s obviously untrue. She is hiding behind a fake, tough-girl attitude.
  • I wasn’t surprised that Monica went home. She’s not really Bachelor material.
  • Did you see the white pants/white shirt outfit that Ben was wearing in the promo for next week? I’m embarrassed for him.
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8 Responses to The Bachelor — Week 4

  1. Lindsay says:

    I must have watched too much of the Bachelor in my lifetime because I am starting to have psychic capabilities. I called nearly everything Ben did last night. The rose to Courtney because he wanted to reassure her, sending Samantha home (thank goodness, she reminded me of Bart Simpson), and taking the girl from Oklahoma to a country concert….

    Personally, I like him a little more for being a bit hard on the girls. Just wish he was hard on the ones I don’t like 🙂

    I wish we could see more of Casey S. She is super cute. Not so sure she is very smart.

    I think ABC was happy to save a little cash on sending Monica home in her own home town.

  2. Amy says:

    Totally agree about Courtney. HATE her and her little baby talk voice.

    I think my favorite part of this episode was the footage at the Crater. Talk about exaggerated. Barry worked there for a few years and I’ve been there several times with him. He happened to be sitting next to me on the couch when I watched this episode and we both laughed through this part of their date. The “hike” to the top seemed to be pretty intense on camera and in reality, they could have just taken the stairs that are there and go right to the top. Ben also stated it was in the middle of nowhere and “like 300 ft.” From the opening at the top to the water is 60 ft. Where they dropped from was about 15 ft above the water. That aside, the Crater is romantic and where Barry and I enjoyed many a date as I got SCUBA certified, so nice call Ben. 🙂

  3. brooke says:

    I’m totally into your Bachelor analysis.

    Courtney started out pretty but she has become so unattractive. I’m kind of proud of myself for thinking that because normally I’m a shallow person.

    Samantha conversation with Ben was totally sniveling. I loved that he gave her the ax.

    The heights thing is killing me. So boring. And they make the same heights/love metaphor every episode like it’s new and profound.

    Monica had enormous breasts. That’s the only reason I can think of for her lasting four weeks.

  4. Kenna says:

    So I’ve never watched this show but I still read all you posts on it and love hearing your opinion. ALSO… because all the girls I hang out with watch it and now I have ‘my opinion’ (aka your opinion) to add to the conversation. It seems like quite the show. Maybe I should start watching it-if anything, to gain my own opinion…

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  8. pshan says:

    Ben is such a dork, no chemistry, no personality, no charisma, there is no connection with the Ladies, he just seems like he has no idea what is happening. The girls seem to not be able to see through his phoniness either. It is weird.

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