The Bachelor — Week 3

First of all, how awesome is it that Emily Maynard will be the next Bachelorette?! I’m thrilled by this news. She’s obviously hot enough, but does she have enough personality to carry a whole season? Time will tell.

Week 3:

  • Emily’s bridge climb was so stupid. Come on ABC, we’ve seen this. Overall she seemed sort of vanilla and there was no chemistry. He seemed bored.
  • Brittney leaving? Really? She didn’t even give it a shot. Her grandma is going to be ticked.
  • Lindzi is too giddy.
  • Matthew Nathanson’s song Faster is my new fav.
  • Courtney is completely ridiculous. I hope they keep her around to stir things up for a while.
  • I’m not sure why the girls felt like it was ok to be so mean to Shawntel. It was so rude! I was particularly disturbed by Courtney and Elyse.
  • Of course Jaclyn left. I’m sure no one was surprised.
  • Poor Shawntel. I always liked her. I was annoyed that Ben didn’t think it was “fair”. Um…since when is anything on The Bachelor fair? And why would it need to be? This isn’t a game show, but I’m not sure Ben knows that. It seemed like a real slap in the face since he had a rose to give her and he sent her home instead. Boo!

To answer your questions from last week:

1.  What do you think about Ben?

  • I decided I liked Ben when Ashley dumped him and he said, “Things like this DON’T end on good terms. Good things don’t end, unless they end badly.” I respected him for leaving with his head held high. That was a good moment in Bach history.
  • He’s cute, but needs a haircut.
  • He’s kissing on too many of the girls. He needs to chillax a bit.
  • He doesn’t seem to be under any delusions that he’s going to find everlasting love. He seems to think this whole thing is an “adventure” rather than a way to find a wife. I’m not sure I like this about him. It’s more fun to watch when the person is convinced that their soul mate is there. Like I said above, he’s treating this more like a game show than a show about finding love.
  • Overall, I like him just fine, but he’s not my fave.

2.  Does Peter make fun of you for watching this?
No, Peter does not make fun of me for watching The Bachelor, or anything else. I like chick stuff, and he likes sports and Shark Week. No judgement either way.

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11 Responses to The Bachelor — Week 3

  1. melhoney says:

    I love these posts.

    I’m bored by this season. But I can’t wait for Emily!

    I also liked Shawntel but Nate doesn’t even think she is cute. I think she is. She’d be a good future bachelorette.

  2. Lindsay says:

    I was sad he didn’t keep Shawntel. Although, it is probably a good thing since the girls would have kept being mean to her. Plus, someone needs to tell that poor girl to wear a bra.

    I’m surprised potty-mouth Jacklyn lasted as long as she did. She really looks like Miss Piggy…or the guy from Star Trek.

    Yay for Emily! A small part of me hopes they let Bentley on. Just for entertainment sakes. And I hope she shoots him down.

  3. Ryan Hadlock says:

    Nice analysis – I have two “guy” friends here that would Love to discuss the show with you anytime! Yes, they’ve turned into girls – very sad.

    You know this is the worst show on TV and one of the 7 signs of the Apocalypse, right?!?! And it’s “delusions” – not dilutions – I doubt he’s mixing soluble fiber…or is he??? :-))

  4. Colette says:

    Liz… you crack me up. I’m addicted to the show, the drama and love it when the show ends and I’m ticked. He’s not my fave either and I agree the dude needs a cut! I must sadly admit that I think my husband likes it more than I do. One of the only shows we watch together other than Survivor. 🙂

  5. Lara says:

    Love the commentary. I was also mad he didn’t give Shawntel a chance. Pretty lame if you ask me. I was dying during the rose ceremony. The fainting, sobbing, nasty comments to Shawntel mid-ceremony. its doesn’t get any better.

    I’m not a huge fan of Ben but I think he’s starting to grow on me a bit…

    I hadn’t heard Emily was the next bachelorette!! Oh so excited for this. Breton will be happy too I’m sure.

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  7. brooke says:

    Did you notice how at lunch with his sister she talked about how he needed a “girlfriend.” Never any reference to him finding a wife. I kind of like the realistic approach. It’s a little crushing when every Bachelor engagement ends after 2 weeks. I need Ben and his sister to remind me that this is silly.

    Nothing here about Ben playing the David Gray song again? I wonder how many more times Ben will play that on the piano for us before the season ends.

    So bummed about Shawntel. Loved her. Hate the way her name is spelled. Think she’s totally hot and was so annoyed when one of the other girls was comparing the thickness of their thighs. Who was that? I need to remember to hate her. But really, it was a totally desperate move by Shawntel and makes me worry about her level of normalness. She left Brad’s season with so much dignity. I feel bad that she had to do something so desperate.

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