Seven Thoughts

  1. The other day Peter was going to buy a book for $25.95. I suggested maybe I get it for him from the library instead. He looked amazed. I’m not sure if he really knew how libraries work. Books = free. It blew his mind. This is especially strange because I go to the library about once a week (for audio books mostly, since I don’t read). How has he not noticed this in our five years of marriage??
  2. The number one song the week I was born (Aug 1982) was Hard To Say I’m Sorry. How awesome!
  3. I love the pillows on Kristina and Adam Braverman’s bed. And speaking of the bedding on Parenthood, I have the same duvet as Sarah Braverman.
  4. I love a chocolate/cinnamon combo, but the new Cinnamon M&Ms aren’t that great. They are not cinnamon-y enough.
  5. A friend just introduced us to a new beverage. Mix equal parts of fanta zero and sprite zero. Yum.
  6. Fingerless gloves are my fav this year.
  7. I found chocolate marshmallows at Target last week. I bought them, and some Cocoa Krispies and made some chocolate rice krispie treats. I put mint M&Ms on some and peanut butter chips on some. The peanut butter version was pretty good, but it wasn’t chocolate-y enough.
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3 Responses to Seven Thoughts

  1. Emily says:

    I just introduced my mom to getting books at the library (online) too. She used to buy all books she wanted to read. Crazy I say!

  2. cyndie says:

    We have a digital lending library here in NC that I use constantly. It’s awesome. Love it.

  3. Anonymous says:

    So, does this mean no more Diet Coke?

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