Christmas 2011

A few years ago we decided to go to Utah for Christmas every other year. This year was not a Utah year.

A week before Christmas we were still undecided about where we would spend Christmas. We had considered about a million different options, but then our sweet little niece Eliza worked her charm on her Uncle Peter.

While webcamming one evening, Peter asked the twins what they wanted Santa to bring them for Christmas. They thought about it a minute, then Eliza said, “Um…for Christmas I want a visit from Uncle Peter!” She is three years old, and this was completely unprompted from her parents. Peter booked our plane tickets a few days later.

Before we flew to Seattle we went to NYC for a few days. We love New York at Christmastime!

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One Response to Christmas 2011

  1. joni says:

    Those little ones will get you. Looks like lot of fun. I’m so impressed with Molly. I still have a hard time even touching the turkey. There is no way I am going inside anytime soon. We opted for the turkey breast this year.

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