2011 Recap and Hopes for 2012

Last year in my 2010 recap, I said that 2010 was my best year yet. Believe it or not, 2011 topped 2010. I had a fantastic year! Based on my plans for 2012, it has the potential to be even better. Here’s hoping!

Highlights from 2011:
•   Abandoned my old blog for this new one
•   Taught early morning seminary in Portland
•   Genuinely enjoyed and appreciated my life
•   Spent several weekends exploring the northwest
•   Spent several weekends exploring the northeast
•   Learned two useful skills: recycling and cleaning grout
•   Discovered Breaking Bad and Friday Night Lights
•   Sold lots of my clothes and put all my possessions in storage
•   Left crazy Portland and moved across the country to Cambridge
•   Peter started graduate school (graduation June 2013, woot woot!)
•   Completely furnished a yucky little apartment

Things I hope for 2012:
•   My hair will grow at least four inches
•   I will convince Peter to wear scarves
•   Netflix will start streaming all of their content

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