Thankful — part 1

I’m sure that you’ve all seen the facebook challenge to post something you’re thankful for every day in the month of Thanksgiving. Since it’s the 14th, here are the first 14 things that I am grateful for:

  1. The backup camera in my car
  2. Grocery carts that don’t squeak or wobble
  3. My ability to bake pie
  4. Take-out
  5. Hulu, because it saves me from stupid MIT cable
  6. My jambox
  7. To be married to someone who lets me do whatever I want
  8. Aluminum
  9. My current station in life
  10. Handfree headsets
  11. People who are funny enough to make me laugh out loud
  12. HSBC
  13. Socks
  14. Soap that makes lots of bubbles
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3 Responses to Thankful — part 1

  1. cyndie says:

    I get the bubbles things, but aluminum?

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