Seven Thoughts

  1. My husband carries a mechanical pencil and an eraser (like this) around in his pocket. Nerd alert!
  2. The idea of doing a craft (any craft at all) makes me want to gag.
  3. I’m so over people who think they are superior for not being on facebook, not watching tv, not texting, or having a general lack of knowledge about what is going on on the internet. It’s a valid choice, but it’s not a superior choice. Making yourself irrelevant is not as awesome as you think it is.
  4. My favorite character in season 1 of Friday Night Lights is Landry Clarke (Jesse Plemons).
  5. I’m trying to figure out how to do Pie Night with a crappy oven the size of a matchbox.
  6. When we were in New Hampshire, I bought some pretty earrings from the innkeeper’s wife. I’ve worn them twice. Today I came home to discover I’d lost one at some point during the day.
  7. I’m really into the name “Waverly” right now.
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3 Responses to Seven Thoughts

  1. Katie says:

    Is Waverly a pet’s name or a child’s name? Male or female?

  2. mccall says:

    Who carries around an eraser like that? Seriously?

    I NEVER had any desire to craft until I stopped working. It’s actually disgusting that I have a desire to do it now.

  3. cyndie says:

    Waverly always makes me think of the upholstery/textile company of that name. It would be like naming your child Barca Lounger or Pyrex.

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