Eight Thoughts

  1. I offered a 9-yr-old boy sitting next to me in church a stick of gum. He took four pieces, and put them all in his mouth.
  2. I hate my oven so much.
  3. I’ve been wearing black nail polish almost all month. I can’t decide if I can keep wearing it even though Halloween is over.
  4. I have so many thoughts about the Kim & Kris divorce. So many.
  5. At Stake Conference last week there wasn’t a seat for me. Not in either of the two chapels in our building, not in the gym, not in any of the overflow rooms. No where. There wasn’t even standing room close enough to hear what was being said. AND this was only half of the stake since they had two sessions of Stake Conference. Time to split the stake, peeps.
  6. I made three chocolate pies last week. I used Chocolate Pie 4 every time. I think I’m over that one for awhile. Next week I think I’ll be back to Chocolate Pie 3.
  7. I can not emphasize enough how much I hate it when people put two spaces between sentences.
  8. I want to like Once Upon a Time because I really like Ginnifer Goodwin, Jennifer Morrison, and Giancarlo Esposito, but it might be a little too hocus-pocus for me. Too bad. BUT, I do like the exposed brick walls in Ginnifer’s apartment on the show.
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3 Responses to Eight Thoughts

  1. Lari says:

    I saw the pilot of Once Upon a Time, and I’m a huge fan of 10th Kingdom, so I’m into that kind of thing. But the way they made Snow White so sugary sweet was a little too much. Loving, caring, over worked, beloved school teacher by day, and some kind of volunteer nurse at night?! It’s like she the stereotypical perfect nurturing woman whose sole purpose is to sacrifice herself for others.

    But other than that I was having fun with it. I still need to see the second episode.

  2. cyndie says:

    Are Kim and Kris more of your supermarket magazine friends?

  3. Lara says:

    totally love these ‘thoughts’ posts

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