The proposal — part 1

This is the history of our anniversaries:

First Anniversary: We went back to our honeymoon spot and stayed in a gorgeous luxury suite.
Second Anniversary: Embarrassing, but we forgot and did nothing.
Third Anniversary: We watched an episode of House and ate black bean burgers on the couch. I wrote this post.
Forth Anniversary: Peter was gone on a business trip, so I wrote our love story in three parts (part 1, part 2, part 3).

This year for our fifth anniversary I decided to write about Peter’s proposal of marriage in two parts.

Today: pre-proposal background
Tomorrow: proposal (or more accurately, the anti-proposal)

Peter and I started dating during my senior year of college. At the time I was applying for graduate school and jobs. I intended to pursue an MA in publication design, and my back-up plan was to start working and apply again after a year of work.

I was accepted and decided to attend a program in Baltimore. Peter and I had been dating for a year, and I wanted to marry him. Things were going really well with us, but as much as I liked him, it didn’t make sense to put my life on hold in Salt Lake while hoping for a proposal.

Peter and I had talked about marriage a LOT. I’d even picked out a ring a few months previous, but Peter just couldn’t wrap his head around the concept of being married. Forever. We were both very young (24) and he had a lot of school ahead, so he was dragging his feet a bit.

So I began my preparations for school/moving. I paid my deposit, I registered for classes, I called the local ward’s RS president and got housing information, and I booked plane tickets for my mom and me to go apartment hunting.

About a month before I was to leave, Peter asked my dad for my hand in marriage. Their conversation lasted over an hour in my parent’s bedroom, my dad was wearing a suit, and he had memorized a prepared list of about 20 questions to ask Peter. I’m sure it was terrifying, but Peter survived and got my dad’s blessing.

Weeks later, Peter still hadn’t proposed, and I was still headed to Baltimore. My parents more or less told me to move on because Peter must have changed his mind. I kept hoping he would propose, but he did nothing. I continued my preparations for Baltimore.

FOUR days before I was to leave for my apartment-hunting trip (and about 2.5-3 weeks before classes started), the anti-proposal happened.

To be continued…

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6 Responses to The proposal — part 1

  1. joni says:

    AKKK – I love a good story and this one sounds good. Anti-proposal??????? what. So anxious for your next post.

  2. staryncaryn says:

    Hi there. I’m so glad I just discovered your blog! I’ve had a good time catching up on your fun and spectacular life. You’re on my reader now — so I’m looking forward to regular updates and the next part of this story.

  3. Lara says:

    oh boy, I’m anticipating hearing the extended version of the anti-proposal tomorrow, since I think the only version I ever heard summed it up in a sentence or two. I’m remembering lovesac in the basement??

    And somehow I’d forgotten you were so close to moving to Baltimore!?

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