Aging — Part 2

A few weeks ago I blogged about aging, and how I feel like I’m losing brain cells. Another effect of aging that I’ve noticed lately is wrinkles.

After one afternoon at the beach this summer, I got particularly crispy. I came home and found that my sun-kissed face had little white smile lines and crows feet where the sun didn’t get me.


That’s right. I’m 29 and I have wrinkles.

This has made me think I need to start using some sort of anti-aging wrinkle cream or something. I’m interested in prevention. Is that what wrinkle cream does? Are any of them effective?

If you have a suggestion, please let me know.

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6 Responses to Aging — Part 2

  1. Ryan Hadlock says:

    Talk to me when you’re almost 40. And I hear sunblock is the way to go.

  2. Emily says:

    Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize (with sunblock in it of course). Slather it on before make-up. I also use Mary Kay’s Time Wise night solution but who knows of it works, maybe it’s more of a mind thing for me.

  3. Emilee Shelley says:

    Oil of Olay has some really great stuff to get your skin back on track. I use an anti aging cream daily that has SPF in it (it gives me peace of mind). Also Mary Kay has this stuff called Cirum C that is way sweet! Expensive, but it gives your skin the kick it needs. I had a week at the beach that I needed to recover from and
    used it, did wonders to get rid of my freckle and splotch.

  4. cyndie says:

    Wear a hat.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Tanned skin = damaged, dead skin. Cover up, pumpkin.

  6. Liz you totally don’t have any wrinkles. You are perfect and beautiful!! 🙂

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