Salem, Ma

Is there a spookier place to be in October than Salem, MA? Nope.

We learned all about witches. We even watched a “real witch” cast a “spell”. The spell wasn’t complete until we returned the special rocks she gave us back to nature. We stopped at the shore on the way home to throw our magic rocks in the ocean and make wishes. Awesome.

When I got home I added The Scarlet Letter and The Crucible to my to-read list.

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5 Responses to Salem, Ma

  1. Mary Kelly says:

    The Wellies look great!

  2. mccall says:

    i LOVED salem. i always wondered what it would be like there in october. i’m jealous.

  3. lehuntzin says:

    J picked out a book from the library about fungi. When we were reading it, it had a section about Claviceps purpurea which is a fungus that infects grain on wet years. When people eat grain with that fungus they can get infected with ergotism which causes humans to have hallucinations, convulsions and sometimes die. Some people think this was the cause of witchcraft in Salem. Interesting I thought, I wonder why my english teacher didn’t share the science of fungus filled rye bread with the class. Although the book is very clear this is just a theory.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I just finished reading “The Heretic’s Daughter.” You should read that. It’s historical fiction written by a woman who was a descendant of Martha Carrier, a woman who was hung as a witch in Salem. It was interesting and pretty well written.

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