Flat tire

I think I’ve had flat tires before, but I’ve never changed one. I’ve learned how, and seen it done, but I’ve never actually done it myself with no one to supervise.

One morning we piled in the car to run errands and realized we had a flat tire. I went back inside, changed my clothes, watched a youtube video about changing tires, and changed the tire all by myself.

As I was struggling get this done, five men and one woman walked past the car. Only one person said something. Our conversation went like this:

Man: How’s it going?
Me: Not good. We have a flat tire.
Man: Oh no! Good luck with that!

After I got the spare on and lowered the car, I realized the spare was also flat.


There are two morals of this story:
1. Be a good samaritin
2. Be sure to mantain your spare tire, and keep work gloves in your trunk

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One Response to Flat tire

  1. anna says:

    That’s awesome. I can’t believe the guy asked how you were and still didn’t offer to help after you gave an honest reply. You should have called him a Levite. 🙂 Congratulations on changing the tire… too bad the spare was flat.

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