Tax-free weekend

Tax free weekend was a few weeks ago. EVERYTHING in the state (under $2,500) was tax free for two days in preparation for the new school year. Since I had to completely furnish our new apartment, I took advantage of tax-free weekend to buy furniture.

About a week prior to tax-free weekend I got on the Ikea website and created a list of all the items I wanted and their locations in the Ikea warehouse. I put the list on my phone in order of the item location.

I got to Ikea at 9:54am Saturday morning. There were lines of people at every door. I grabbed a cart and got in the line to the warehouse. At 10am the doors opened and people went mad. I raced in, and piled my cart as fast as I could. I begged help from bystanders to get the heavy items in my cart until I thought I had enough to fill my car (it’s not a small car, and it was FULL to the brim) and raced to checkout.

It took me 14 minutes. Twenty-one minutes by the time I checked out. I’m fast. And efficient.

I went back to Ikea that night right before closing time and got another car load of items. I didn’t time myself, but that trip was under 30 minutes as well.

I saved myself $56.05.

To reward myself for being so thrifty I went shopping and spent $56.05×3 on clothes.

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4 Responses to Tax-free weekend

  1. anna says:

    Maybe it’s because I’m tired, but this post is making me laugh. I usually go to IKEA twice a year, since it takes me 6 months to forget how much time I waste there. Fortunately, I don’t spend much money there, which makes it even more annoying that I spend so much time and don’t have anything to show for it. FYI, usually it takes me 14 minutes to park and walk in. I’m impressed.

  2. Amy says:

    That IS fast! I’m not sure the average person could even walk through an IKEA loading nothing into their car in under 14 minutes! Well done.

  3. sommerkorn says:

    I think I should clarify. I didn’t have to walk through Ikea, I just went straight to the warehouse and I knew where every item I needed was located, so it went quickly. The 14 minutes was from 10am when the doors opened until I got in line to check out at 10:14am. Then 7 minutes later I was walking to the car with my purchased items (futon, bookshelf, tv stand, nightstands, kitchen table, four chairs).

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