Perfect sandwiches

Peter goes through phases with his lunch preferences. In Salt Lake he had a Nature Valley granola bar almost daily. In New Jersey he had a mixture of brown rice, black beans, canned corn, salsa, and sour cream almost daily. In Portland he had canned soup, 15 saltine crackers, and carrot sticks almost daily (I peeled a lot of carrots last year).

Here in Boston he comes home for lunch a few times a week, and he is really into sandwiches right now.

Peter’s perfect sandwich: toasted bread, mayo, mustard, white cheddar cheese, turkey, lettuce, tomato, avocado, salt

My perfect sandwich: toasted bread, white cheddar cheese, lettuce, original sun chips, avocado, salt

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One Response to Perfect sandwiches

  1. jamie says:

    Toasted bread is a must for me, too. And I love avocados on a sandwich. But you guys forgot bacon.

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