Fellow Pie Lovers

It’s hard to find people who can appreciate pie in the same fashion that we appreciate pie. Most people say they like pie, then they proceed to talk about Marie Callender’s or a frozen pie from the grocery store.


Pie comes from a kitchen, not from a factory. Pie crust is not to be purchased. Pie filling doesn’t come from a can or a box.

We have some new friends, Brad and Ashleigh, who weren’t exactly pie connoisseurs when we met them, but they caught on quickly. They have embraced pie. REAL pie.

We’ve had a few late nights with Brad, Ash, and pie. I even gave Ashleigh a pie lesson. She’s a fast learner. Together we’ve had chocolate cream, apple, banana cream, blueberry and strawberry blueberry. Good thing we have two years here because there are a LOT more pies to introduce to them.

I think they’re going to like Pie Night.

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