Bottled Water

Don’t judge me after reading this post.

Cambridge tap water is disgusting. I’m really not picky about tap water, I will drink it wherever I go (except Idaho). But seriously, Cambridge water is gross. We’ve been drinking bottled water since we moved here, and it’s getting old, and expensive.

Don’t worry, I still recycle.

I bought a Brita dispenser, but it didn’t help with the taste at all, so I returned it. I have no clue what to do now. I guess I have to get over it, or drink strictly diet coke for the next two years.

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3 Responses to Bottled Water

  1. cyndie says:

    What do your friends do?

    We don’t drink our tap water, either. It’s grosser than gross.

  2. Donna says:

    Hi Liz… Vegas water is horrible also. I spend a fortune on bottled water. Many have recommended the “Zero” system (can only buy at Target). Haven’t tried it yet b/c of cost. But others highly recommend it. Hugs to you both! Aunt Donna

  3. Kenna says:

    You could fill up a pitcher for the fridge. Sometimes bad water isn’t so bad if it’s cold! You’ve probably tried it though. Maybe you’ll get used to it? Sorry, bad water is such a bummer.

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