Clothing Consignment

I figured since I lived in Portland, I needed to learn how to consign my clothes. That’s hipster, right?

While going through all our stuff pre-move in order to de-junk, I collected about 3 trash bags full of clothes, shoes, and purses. I gave the very best stuff to a family member, then thought I’d try to consign what I could before I dropped everything at Goodwill.

First I went to Plato’s Closet. They took a few items, gave me $15, and told me that my clothes were “too mature” for them and that I ought to try the old lady consignment shop across town.

So I headed over to Rusty’s Resale. They traded me one of my pairs of pants for a Talbots skirt, and told me that my stuff was “too young” for them and to try the punk store downtown.

Then I went to Buffalo Exchange. They took a few items, gave me $20, and a scarf on trade.

A week later I just couldn’t bring myself to take the extra clothing to Goodwill. There were some really nice items in there that I was certain would get some cash. So I tried again.

I went back to Buffalo Exchange and Plato’s Closet, hoping to have different associates go through my stuff. I got another $25 from Buffalo Exchange, and another $4 from Plato’s.

Overall it took me about a days time, but I got $64 cash, a Talbots skirt, and a scarf.

I’m so Portland.

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