One car family

About a year and a half ago I accidentally bought a car. Today, I said goodbye to that car.

We’ve had three cars for the past 8 months or so (not because we wanted/needed three cars, but because we never got around to selling one of them), and Peter randomly sold two of them yesterday. We went from being a three-car family to a one-car family, somewhat by accident, in a matter of hours.

We change cars so often that I usually don’t get attached. One of the cars that Peter sold didn’t really phase me, but the other was my little accident, and I was attached to it. Peter mostly drove it once we moved here, but I drove it most of the time that we lived in New Jersey. It still had the Jersey plates on it. It was surprisingly sad to see the New Jersey plates sitting on the backseat of my new car as I drove away from my old car. It was like leaving the last piece of New Jersey behind.

Goodbye, little grey Honda. I will miss you because of all the New Jersey memories that are wrapped up in you.

Since we are now a one car family, for the next 2.5 weeks I’ll be driving Peter to work before seminary (that means waking up by at least 4:45am) and picking him up in the evenings.


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One Response to One car family

  1. Lara says:

    I went back and read your store about the little accident. Hilarious. And is totally the kind of predicament I’d get myself into. Sounds like it didn’t turn out too bad though.

    And wow 4:45?! I’m disfunctional if I get up before 7:00. You better be getting some serious blessings for this seminary gig AND for driving Peter to work at the crack of dawn.

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