Video Games

I enjoy new technology. I think that people who ignore technology are making themselves irrelevant to our world, and I don’t think that is a good idea.

I am pretty anti-video games. I have always looked at them as a waste of time, a good way to turn your brain to mush, to make yourself dumber, and put yourself in a social box that no one should want to be in. I even refused to date boys who played video games, and I had committed to never having them in my own home.

When Peter and I were dating, he had an xbox (the only game he ever played was FIFA). I told him that if we got married the xbox would not be coming into our home. And it didn’t.

But now video games have changed (and so has the stigma around them), and since I’m so pro-technology I think I should change with them. It’s wrong of me to judge people who shun texting as if it’s a lesser form of communication, but for me to shun video games as if they are a lesser form of entertainment. Is there really a difference between watching a two hour movie or playing a two hours of video games? I think not. One might argue that the video game is a better form of entertainment since it’s interactive.

Last night Peter had the priest quorum over to play FIFA (they supplied the xbox and Peter rented the game). They had a total blast, AND they were communicating. I heard them discussing school, what they were learning about in seminary (!!), girls, prom, work, etc. As long as video games are played in moderation, what’s the big deal?

I’m still not ready to go buy a wii, but I’ve definitely adjusted my thinking.


As I wrote this, I tried to imagine actually owning a gaming console. The idea of someone coming into my home and seeing an xbox or a wii sitting under my tv still makes me squirm. Even more than the fact that my tv is currently in plain sight. I really hate that about my house.

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4 Responses to Video Games

  1. Katie C says:

    Funny. Now it makes more sense why you were asking me if I really wanted a Wii for Christmas. I’m not totally anti-video game…now that we have good rules about setting limits on the Wii, it’s fine. I’m just anti violent video-game….and anti sit and play video game for hours on end….

  2. cyndie says:

    Maybe you could put a bird on it!

  3. Kenna Anderson says:

    I’m glad you’ve come around! Not that I care much for video games but I did play the new Mario on the Wii and it was a blast. Ps. Odds are any doctor you go to plays them or did play them. I think every med student out here plays them (when they have free time)! I never would have guessed!

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