Daily Excitement

Peter stayed home from work today. He’s sick.

Two things happened:

1.  A duck wandered into our backyard.
2. Three city trucks pulled up in front of our house with flashing lights to trim the trees on our park strip.

At the end of the day Peter said, “Wow! Is there always this much excitement during the day for you? Ducks in the backyard, trucks with flashing lights…” (Apparently ducks and flashing lights = excitement?)

Yes, Peter. Each day is full of surprises. Like ducks. And trucks.


P.S. Yesterday was made VERY exciting with a man who must be certifiably crazy and a dead squirrel. But I can’t blog about that until after I move away from Portland just in case some crazy Portlander tracks me down and mutilates me.


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2 Responses to Daily Excitement

  1. Lesli says:

    Peter is apparently just in touch with his two year old self. In my experience little boys love to watch city works pull up in trucks, and ducks wander through the yard.

  2. cyndie says:

    Peter should come and spend some time with us. We do all sorts of things I think he would like.

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