Section 125 glue-in

Here is another seminary post. This is a map glue-in for section 125.

Things were not going well for the saints in Far West, Missouri in 1839. Among other things, Joseph got sent to Liberty Jail. Because of all the persecution, the saints left Missouri and stayed in Quincy, Illinois for the four months that Joseph was in jail. After he got out, they bought land in Iowa (Zarahemla and Nashville) and also the land that beacame known as Nauvoo.

Section 125 was a question to the Lord about what the Iowa saints should be doing. Staying in Iowa, or moving to Nauvoo?

Download the section 125 map glue-in here.

See also glue-ins for section 50, section 76, section 82, Kirtland temple, history of the church, signs and events of the second coming, Martin Harris, Oliver Cowdery, and also some Doctrine & Covenants reading charts.

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