General Authorities

Today in seminary we had a general conference recap.

First, we went through each of the names of the apostles. I thought the kids would breeze through this, but I was surprised to discover that they knew very few of the names. They knew Monson, Uchtdorf and Bednar. Other than that they were pretty much just guessing.

After that we played a little guessing game with some old photos of the GAs from their youth. Once they guessed correctly, I recaped what that man had spoken about in conference.

I gave the kids giant chocolate bunnies for stories and talks that they remembered themselves. I was really impressed at how many of them must have been listening during conference.

Here are the old photos for your viewing pleasure. I have all these photos in a slide deck and I’d be happy to email it to anyone who wants it.

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7 Responses to General Authorities

  1. cyndie says:

    I’m torn! Who was cuter, President Eyring or Elder Christofferson?

  2. M$ says:

    Is it me, or does Elder Bednar’s youth photo look just like Kurt from Sound of Music? Maria: “God bless Kurt.”

  3. jeancox45 says:

    I know this post is from so long ago, but I’m wondering if you still have these files you could send me? I have a lesson coming up and this would be perfect. Thanks!

  4. DeAnna says:

    I too am like Jean and would love to have this file sent to me if you have it still available.
    thank you for allowing us to share in your hard work and efforts.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I would also love to have this file sent to me if it’s available. Thanks for sharing your hard work!

  6. laura says:

    Could I get these emailed to me? Love them!

  7. I also would be LOVE to have this file emailed to me. These are great and you are a sweetheart to share. My 32 seminary kiddos will appreciate!

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