I LOVE a good marketing campaign. Regardless of the product, if I think a company has done a bang-up job marketing that product just to me, I’ll buy it just to congratulate them.

This week I discovered a fantastic marketing campaign.

On 3/19 I saw a new game in the app store: Angry Birds Rio.

It wasn’t an Angry Birds update, it was a new version of the game. I assumed it was a ploy to get another $.99 out of me. Of course I bought it, and of course I love it.

I spent the next 9 days learning to hate the monkeys, learning to set the birds free, trying to figure out why the blue birds were tied together and couldn’t fly, and collecting all the pineapples and bananas that I could.

On 3/28 I was grocery shopping and saw a “Rio” sticker on the bananas in place of the regular Chiquita sticker. What? Angry Birds is advertising on bananas?

Nope. A close look revealed: “Rio. Only in theaters.”

What? Angry Birds Rio is a movie?

Nope. Wrong again.

On 3/29 I saw an commercial on tv advertising a new animated movie called “Rio”.

Genius! Angry Birds as an advertising tool. Not just a stupid little popup within my regular Angry Birds game, but an entire game devoted to the story and characters of Rio. Just about everyone* on the planet is playing Angry Birds, and now just about everyone on the planet is aware of Rio. I knew and loved the characters and the story before I even knew about the movie.

I would like to meet the Rio marketing team and shake their hands.


*I met someone last week who didn’t know what Angry Birds was. Crazy, right? Even if you don’t play, Angry Birds is popping up everywhere and is getting harder to ignore.

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  1. This is wonderful blog. I love it.

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