Pi Day 2011

Today was super awesome. Pi Day and The Bachelor season finale on the same night! I feel so lucky.

When you’re married to a nerd, you celebrate Pi Day. We celebrated with Dreamy Apple Pie while we watched Emily and Chantal battle it out for our dear bachelor Brad.

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4 Responses to Pi Day 2011

  1. mccall says:

    lovin’ the new blog.

    i love that you love the bachelor. don’t you think emily’s hair looked SO much better “after the final rose”?

    • sommerkorn says:

      Yes, much better! She looked much less “plastic”. I was really pleased with the outcome of the season. I think Brad was the best bachelor they’ve had in a long time, I liked him much better this time around.

      I’m not super excited about Ashley being the next bachelorette.

  2. Lara says:

    This apple pie looks extremely delicious right now, my mouth is watering. Literally. We might need to come visit you guys so we can partake of all these fabulous pies you whip up.

    We (Breton included) also watched these season of Brad on the bachelor… Does Peter like bachelor as much as Breton does? He pretends he’s not into it but he’s totally glued once it’s on. I’m imagining Peter may be the same way.

  3. Alisa says:

    I was thinking about you on Pi Day! Because of your love of pie. And because you’re married to an engineer too. Looks like you celebrated with a very delicious pie.

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