Eight thoughts

  1. I hate when websites have a contact form instead of just listing their email address. I hate it even worse when their email address is a link that opens up Mail. It’s 2014! Stop with the stupid links!
  2. I bought some Naked BB Cream. I don’t love it and won’t be buying it again. My sister loves it, so it must be good for certain skin types, just not mine. Disappointing.
  3. I hate Texas so much right now I want to die. Why is it still HOT???
  4. We are in full party planning mode around here. It’s almost Henry’s birthday!
  5. I’ve been watching Gilmore Girls on Netflix. I’ve never seen the series, just episodes here and there. People looooove Gilmore Girls, but I can’t really get into it. Lorelai Gilmore gets on my nerves. I don’t love her in Parenthood either. She’s basically the same character, right?
  6. Speaking of Netflix, I am totally thrilled about Friends coming to Netflix!
  7. Peter’s parents came for a visit this past weekend. It was so fun to have them.
  8. Why can’t I get to bed before 1am? Gah. I hate myself every night.
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Four thoughts

  1. Tim Allen was on Kimmel last week. I’ve never seen him on a late night show before. I expected him to act just like Tim the Tool Man Taylor, but he wasn’t. He was sort of like a grouchy old man who thought he was cooler than he is. And his outfit was really, really stupid.
  2. I mentioned it last year, but I do not understand Texan’s this time of year. It’s in the 90s just about every day, but people are wearing fall clothes! I’m HOT! All the time! I’m out in shorts and a tshirt, sweating. Other people are wearing scarves, boots, cardigans, hoodies, jackets, etc. WHAT? I see fleece North Face jackets almost daily! How can you wear all that when it’s 92 degrees??? It blows my mind.
  3. Speaking of heat, we are having our family pictures taken this week. It’s supposed to be 90 degrees with 30% chance of rain, which means humidity. Hopefully we don’t all look like melting puddles on our Christmas card.
  4. One of the items I need for Henry’s birthday party is gold plastic trophy cups. I need three and I want them to be at least 12 inches tall. Seems simple, right? No, it’s not. They don’t exist under $40 each. This is so surprising to me, it seems like such a standard party supply.
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Nine tv thoughts

  1. Teen Mom 2:
    1. Kailyn’s tattoos are out of control. The conversation between Jo and Kailyn about race was so sad. Not because of the topic, but because it only lasted about two minutes. Kailyn is incapable of having a rational conversation with anyone who even slightly disagrees with her, including her own husband. She needs an intervention. Jo drives a PT Cruiser??
    2. Why is Chelsea’s look always the homeless look? She needs to graduate from that. Also, she seriously needs to shut down all contact between Adam and Aubrey.
    3. Why does Jenelle think she has any say in the way Jace is being raised? Until she has custody, she shouldn’t have an opinion. I love that she was wearing shortalls this week. Long live shortalls! Jenelle needs to have a little compassion for her mom. It’s so, so sad.
  2. Selfie: This show is embarrassingly stupid (as expected).
  3. Forever: Not bad!
  4. Manhattan Love Story: I wanted this to be good, but it’s not. It’s not as bad as Selfie, but it’s not great.
  5. Nashville: Oh, Nashville. I’m sad this is starting to suck. I really liked it, but I think it should have ended last season. Let’s find a
  6. Black-ish: I expected this to be the stupidest show of the year, but it’s actually not as bad as I thought it was going to be. Selfie is worse. They will run out of race jokes pretty soon though, and then I wonder what they’ll do with it. Actually, it’s will prob be cancelled by then.
  7. Gotham: I might continue to watch just because of Ryan from the O.C., but I am sort of tired of dark shows right now.
  8. Couples Therapy: This is the first season I’ve ever watched, and I’m watching because Juan Pablo and Nikki are on. Nikki is crazy. They don’t seem to like each other at all. Deena from Jersey Shore is actually the most normal one!
  9. A to Z: This actually wasn’t bad! The main girl has really distracting teeth, but until that starts to bug me, I’ll keep watching.
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Six thoughts

  1. Trisha Yearwood has a cooking show?! How did I not know this? I’ve been watching and Garth makes appearances from time to time. It’s not a great show, but it’s TRISHA AND GARTH! How can I not watch? Remember when Garth went through his Chris Gaines phase? That was weird.
  2. I don’t like Denzel Washington.
  3. I hate facebook right now. The amount of crap on there is pretty much impossible to keep at a reasonable level. I keep my friend list as small and I unfriend/unfollow poeple all the time, but there is still so much stuff I don’t care about. It’s becoming a chore.
  4. I’m losing my mind a little more each day. The other day I saw a picture of a guy on facebook that I used to know really well, but I didn’t really recognize his name and I didn’t recognize his face at all. This is not only someone I hung out with (often!) all through junior high and high school and then occasionally in college, but we dated! A LOT! I couldn’t remember his face at all. WHAT??? How does that just get erased from my brain???
  5. Henry is so cute and sweet. He kills me.
  6. I tend to like the buzzfeed lists, they are funny. This one about Friends was one of my favorites. I will love Friends forever.
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Six thoughts

  1. Last weekend Peter really wanted to make some pudding from a box and put it in a store-bought graham cracker crust (????). He thought Henry would think it was fun and good. Henry wasn’t interested in the “pie” at all, except for the whipped cream on top. Ha! Smart kid.
  2. What is going on with Courtney Cox? She looks terrible. She has had way, way too much work done. She looks weird and plastic.
  3. I really like baking shows, but I hate how the bakers always have such a strict time frame. How can you bake something amazing and beautiful in 30 minutes?? It stresses me out to watch! I hate to be rushed in the kitchen.
  4. Amazon is so sneaky. I have been shopping around for party supplies for Henry’s birthday so I’ve put tons of stuff in my shopping cart while I shop around. Over the past week or so Amazon has raised the price on just about every single item in my cart. Jerks.
  5. I really hate those stupid amber teething necklaces and bracelets people put on their babies.
  6. All my thoughts posts have been “five thoughts” lately. So this one makes it six.
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Seven tv thoughts

  1. Single Project: I almost quit because this was pretty boring. Kerry is terrible. Why is that guy still dating her after she bashed his career choice? Also, she’s not as cute as she thinks she is. And the dentist is acting for the cameras, right?
  2. Witches of East End: This is how desperate I’ve been for something new since nothing is on right now. Actually, it’s not too bad! It’s not good, but I think it might be the best Lifetime show I’ve ever seen.
  3. Red Band Society: This was pretty cute.
  4. The Mysteries of Laura: This looked terrible, but it’s actually not as bad as I thought. It’s not good, but not horrible.
  5. Madam Secretary: Pretty good. Remember when Tea Leoni was Jane on Fun with Dick and Jane and her face swelled up when she did that makeup testing thing? I could barely watch this show without thinking of that.
  6. Jersey Belle: They are trying way too hard with this. It’s driving me crazy that Jaime is so obsessed with Danielle’s infertility. Danielle is very sweet about it, but I bet she wants to punch her in the face. And the baby mama in New Orleans? Come on.
  7. Teen Mom 2: My heart is so broken for Jace. Seriously, how do the camera men stand it? They need to call CPS.
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Five thoughts

  1. This week Henry and I went to Sprinkles and brought a chocolate cupcake home for Peter. Peter told me that he likes my cake better than Sprinkles. Hello, compliment!!
  2. When I lived in Boston I used to get stuff on super duper sale at Target all the time. My target never has stuff on sale. I don’t get it.
  3. We have granite counter tops. I didn’t get the hype until recently. They didn’t ever clean very well and always seemed dull and spotted. I finally bought some granite cleaner and it made an amazing difference. My counter tops are smooth and shiny now.
  4. I’m not sure why so many people are obsessed with proclaiming themselves as type A personalities.
  5. I have a bunch of mini candy bars from last Halloween. Have you eaten a candy bar lately? They are pretty gross. The chocolate doesn’t even taste like real chocolate.
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