Henry at 20 months


Weight: 27 lbs 6 oz (55%)
Height: 32.5 (56%)

Henry Loves:

  • Dad. He yells, “DaDAAAAAA” and then wispers “dada”, just like Brick on The Middle. Henry is obsessed with Peter. He asks about him 10 times a day and is totally, crazy excited whenever Peter is home. They play, play, play and Henry giggles all weekend.
  • Cereal (Life, Frosted Mini Wheats, Kix and Special K)
  • Stealing my fountain drink and screaming “DIET COKE!”
  • Playing with other kids and having friends over to play
  • Wearing sunglasses and hats
  • Sitting on my lap in the car pushing every button, dancing to the music
  • Blankie
  • Cars, Frozen, and old Mickey Mouse episodes
  • Walking around the house with my jambox blaring music
  • Bubbles in his bath
  • Being chased, tackled, tickled and thrown in the air
  • The garden hose
  • Throwing his toys off the balcony and watching them crash to the ground below
  • Order. He likes drawers and cupboards to be closed, toys to be in the bin, trash to be picked up, hands to be clean, etc. When he sees a crumb or a speck of anything on the floor he brings it to me screaming.
  • Chatting
  • Cake, pie and cookies
  • Pointing out every H he sees
  • Balls, cars and trucks
  • Swimming
  • Riding in Dad’s car instead of Mom’s
  • Saying “bye bye” to everyone and everything
  • Sandra Boynton books and But No Elephants
  • Snuggling before naptime and bedtime, mostly with Mom but sometimes with Dad
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Four Thoughts

  1. I have sort of been anti-Crocs. I always thought they were sort of ghetto. But now I love them! I spent a long time searching for practical summer shoes for Henry and Crocs seemed to be the best option, so I bought some. They are so great! I’m officially a Crocs fan.
  2. Can you imagine life without text messages? I can’t. It would be terrible. Most the time when my phone rings I’m totally caught off guard. Who calls people anymore??
  3. I typically don’t like store brand dish soap, but I’m not picky between the name brands. Last month I tried Dawn Platinum Power Clean and I was super surprised to realize it is actually better. It honestly cleans my dishes better and faster. And it smells so good!
  4. Speaking of soap, I really hate watered-down hand soap. Gross.
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Eight TV thoughts

  1. Ladies of London: This is ok. I’ll keep watching.
  2. Real Housewives of NY: Sonja has always been crazy, but she’s over the top these days. I love it.
  3. Chasing Life: I am watching this because it’s filmed in Boston. I expected it to be pretty stupid, but it’s actually not as bad as I thought it would be. Not great, but not too bad.
  4. 16 and Pregnant: This is always one of my favorites. I want to adopt all the babies. The homeless couple was particularly heartbreaking.
  5. KUWTK: Love, as always.
  6. Mistresses: I actually sort of liked this last season, but this season is a bust. I want to love Alyssa Milano but I just don’t.
  7. Sister Wives: Blah. Train wreck. Mary is the worst.
  8. Untying the Knot: I wanted this to be dramatic, but it’s not at all. Sort of boring.
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House hunting

The very worst part about moving is finding a place to live. Packing, unpacking and organizing are all easy in comparison to house hunting. We’ve moved a lot in our marriage and finding a place is painful every single time. Every place we see has pros and cons. The whole process is an exercise of weighing options. If you know Peter well, you know he is obsessed with teeny, tiny details, which makes weighing options with him a loooooong activity in almost every scenario.

For example, we found the perfect place (perfect!), but it’s literally right next to the freeway. Like, RIGHT next to it. You can hear the traffic from every room and when you look out the windows (which are large and plentiful), you see Chili’s. Yup, you look out the window and see Chili’s. And Kohls, and Office Max, and Twin Peaks, and Sam’s Club, and Sonic. But the place is perfect!

There is another place that is in great condition and a great location, but the layout is terrible. It’s so terrible that there are weird cutouts in the walls that even the owner (who has lived there for five years) couldn’t tell me how to organize my furniture around them. He admitted that he never quite figured it out either.

I do realize we are splitting hairs here, given that we used to live in Eastgate. Can you believe we used to live there? I can’t. I just can’t believe it.

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Four Thoughts

  1. One of our local convenience stores is having a “sodapalooza” event where you buy their cup and then you can refill it as much as you want until the end of June. I bought one for myself and one for Henry. It’s the cutest thing ever to watch him toddle over to the fountains and hold up his cup for me to fill saying, “COKE! COKE! COKE!”. I don’t actually give him a cup of coke, btw.
  2. For the month of May my daily average with my fitbit was 14,548 (last month was 11,205).
  3. Peter’s grandma died so we took a quick trip to Utah for the funeral. The weather was so amazing. Coming back to Texas weather was depressing. How will I survive the summer???
  4. We have to move! Our landlord decided he wants to sell our townhouse. I’m so depressed about it. We’ve looked at several other places, including other units in our complex and nothing is as good as we have now. Boo.
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Bachelorette — Week 2 and 3 (parts 1 and 2)


  • We were able to choose another “keeper” for Peter’s office pool. Now we have Chris, Patrick and Marcus.
  • I had high hopes for Josh, but then I saw his tattoos. I am not sure Andi can get on board with huge, stupid tattoos. They sure are hot for each other, which is always a sign of a guy who will go far.
  • Nick is headed straight for the friend zone.
  • The Boyz II Men thing was awesome. Does Bradley know he’s a nerd? Also, Peter pointed that most of the guys are 25-28, which means they were pretty young when Boyz II Men were so popular.
  • Marquel is one of my favorites. He is so funny. And totally cute. And I love his style (but not in his profile pic).
  • JJ was funny as an old man. He’s a sweetheart and he’s is pretty hot, right? He doesn’t always look so good, but then sometimes I’m like…oh wait, he’s hot.
  • Noooooo! Patrick has a stupid arm band tattoo! How did this happen? Arm bands were cool in like the 90s, right? He’s only 29. Don’t get it.
  • Andi’s leather dress was stupid. She was walking around like she was all sexy and it was annoying.
  • Can we please, please, please stop with the repelling dates? They are so stupid.
  • I like Marcus, but she seems more into him than he seems into her.
  • Whoa. Andi totally turned me off during her conversation with Eric. She got so crazy for no reason. It reminded me of how she flew off the handle at Juan Pablo. Eric and JP were both just trying to be reasonable and she acted irrationally crazy. Calm down, girl. I don’t think I’ll get over it. I think I officially dislike her. Can you imagine being married to someone liked to turn a calm conversation into a full-blown fight? Gah.
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Bachelorette — Week 1


  • Steven: Adorable! How could she let this guy go? Loved him.
  • Dylan: This guy totally has potential.
  • Cody: Stupid. Stupid outfit. There is no way that Andi kept him because she wanted to.
  • Craig: This guy is too much.
  • Bradley: Boo, stop singing. This is another one that I doubt Andi actually liked.
  • Josh B: One of the best exits in Bachelor history. “This is stupid.” Ha!
  • Marquel: Couldn’t stand this guy when I saw his picture and read his profile. That outfit was just too stupid. But cookie tasting! Genius! He was so cute and sweet.
  • Tasos: No! I hate that he seems more interesting than he looks in his bio. Can’t stand those stupid earrings and stupid hair, so I hope he leaves sooner than later, even though he seemed super nice and sincere.
  • Nick V: No way. This guy is a a nerdy dude who is too awkward to watch. I do not understand how he got the first impression rose. Such a weird choice.
  • Chris: Love that I picked him as a keeper in Peter’s office pool! He has potential.
  • Marcus: First out of the limo! Mellow, smart and very handsome.
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