Seven TV thoughts

  1. Friends With Better Lives: This will not last. It was mildly funny at some points, but most of the jokes were sex jokes, which is not funny. It’s just as stupid as Two Broke Girls.
  2. New Girl: I’m over it. They just build up on my DVR and it’s too much pressure to get them off.
  3. Brooklyn Nine-Nine: This is still one of our favorite comedies right now.
  4. Parenthood: Does every tv show have to have a gay couple, an interracial couple, and an adopted baby? It’s becoming too predictable. Apparently they haven’t decided if they will renew for another season. As much as I like this show, I would not be upset if it ended. I thought they wrapped everything up nicely.
  5. Mixology: I only watched the first episode. It’s fine, but obviously not very captivating because now I have them piling up on the DVR.
  6. Nashville: Why is Zoey’s storyline taking off? I don’t care about her at all. And I still don’t care about Scarlett, even with her new storyline with her mom.
  7. Surviving Jack: I actually sort of liked it. I’m annoyed that it’s another flashback show, but it made me laugh a few times. I expected Christopher Meloni to act like Elliot Stabler, but he didn’t.


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Five thoughts

  1. I love the mom on The Goldbergs. She might be my favorite character on tv right now.
  2. I can’t believe Jennifer Anisten is the face of Avenno right now. I hate it.
  3. I bought four bags of Starburst Jellybeans (my favorite!) for my candy dish. They were all stale. I am too lazy to take them back, but I did write them a complaint email.
  4. Speaking of complaining, last week we were eating outdoors at a local pizza restaurant and we found a tiny bug (like a fruit fly or something) on our pizza when there were only two slices left. One of the girls we were with demanded a new pizza (she rules!) and the owner said, “I can’t control all the bugs in my restaurant.” Haha, worst response ever. But we got our pizza.
  5. Now that I live in Texas and have a pool, I think I need more swimsuits. Bummer. Swimsuits are expensive and I hate them.
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Four thoughts

  1. IMG_8940As you can see, I have zero eyelashes. Like, practically nothing. A few weeks ago I got my first set of eyelash extensions and I am obsessed. LOVED them!¬†They lasted three weeks. I want to have them all the time, but I am too cheap to maintain them. I’m already looking forward to my next set.
  2. I love Chick-fil-a. I love that they bring my food to my table, get me refills over and over, have placemats for kids, the food is good, and they are always so nice and friendly. As much as I love it, I think it’s overpriced for fast food.
  3. I’ve never had any desire to sew, but recently I’ve been thinking it might be a nice skill to have. I don’t plan on learning, but I can totally see the value in it.
  4. I love, love, love having a Brazilian Blowout. It’s my favorite thing. It’s makes my entire life better.


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Five TV thoughts

  1. Vampire Diaries: I always thought Vampire Diaries sounded really stupid and I’ve never had any desire to watch it (which is weird, because I’ll watch just about anything). Recently it was recommended to me by my bff who also loves tv, so I thought I’d give it a try. I like it! I’m in the middle of season two.
  2. ¬†Teen Mom 2: Jenelle is such a train wreck. Watching Chelsea try to figure out what to do about Adam is heartbreaking. I can’t imagine having to hand Henry over to someone I didn’t like or trust. Why in the world is Leah so mad at her husband for his out of town job? He’s going to make $40,000 in five weeks, how can she not be grateful for that? She needs to stop pouting and grow up.
  3. Chrisley Knows Best: The first three episodes of this were pretty bad, but the most recent episode about the granddaughter Chloe made me like it. I think I’ll keep watching.
  4. My Five Wives: I’ve been a loyal Sister Wives viewer from the beginning. They are so crazy and make such awful decisions that it’s entertaining to watch. I don’t know if My Five Wives will be as interesting since they seem fairly put together.
  5. Drop Dead Diva: I was happy to see that season 5 was added to Netflix. I watched the first two episodes and was totally bored. I can’t believe they are doing another season. I think this show has run it’s course.
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Five thoughts

  1. Peter has always been super good at keeping us on a budget. I’m bad at it.
  2. Have you noticed that there is a difference between what is actually in style, and what is in style on Pinterest?
  3. My favorite BBQ here in Texas is a place called Rudy’s. Their meat is divine. BUT their sides are not at all good so eating there is only half satisfying.
  4. Men should not wear tank tops. No men anywhere, ever. Gross.
  5. My house. It needs so much help. I need living room chairs, a dining set, rugs, window treatments, wall hangings, mirrors, office furniture, bedside tables for the guest room, lamps…I could go on and on. Decisions like that are hard for me. If I’m going to spend money, I want to like it for a long time.


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Grandma Hammond’s 90th Birthday

Eight years ago my nephew was born on my Grandma’s 82nd birthday. Basically from that day on my sister started planning a combined 90th birthday party for Grandma and Grandpa and a baptism for Victor on March 15, 2014 in Utah.

It was a week long extravaganza with a big party towards the end of the week. There were 65 people in attendance. The vast majority of attendees came from other states and made lots of sacrifices to be there. Eight of my ten siblings/in-laws were there (Katie and Molly are too pregnant to travel). It’s pretty difficult to get us all together (we are 12 adults and 15 kids and we live in six different states), so it was an extra special week.

grandma 90grandma 902

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Four baby thoughts

  1. Peter takes about an hour to put Henry to bed. Based on the noises coming from Henry’s room, I think it’s about 55 minutes of playing and 5 minutes of saying goodnight.
  2. I love to watch Henry scoot around on his tummy pushing around his cars and trucks.
  3. We just started a gym class at The Little Gym. Henry loves it! We’ve tried a number of other classes, but The Little Gym is definitely the best.
  4. One thing I really love about Henry is that he likes to stay fairly close to me. He will wander away a bit, but he isn’t a runner. When he does wander away, he’ll look around for me and when he sees me he grins and waves at me. The other moms at the playground always gush when he does that. It’s really cute.
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